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3 Metrc Red Flags for California Cannabis Retailers to Watch Out For

Cannabis retailers can use these three red flags (as shared with us recently by software consultant Brian Maravandi from AlfaLINQ), to quickly identify a compliance problem.

Read more to discover if your dispensary has a potential Metrc issue to fix

What's It Like to Judge The Emerald Cup Contest

Meadow CEO David Hua tastes 67 vape cartridges to find the best CO2 cartridge, distillate cartridge, and live resin cartridge in California.

Go inside the experience of judging this historic cannabis cup

How to Launch Compliant Cannabis Delivery in California

Easily set up compliant cannabis delivery in California with this guidebook to get started, plus insight from cannabis delivery software logistics partner, Onfleet.

Best practices for starting a cannabis delivery operation in California

Cycle Counts for Smarter Dispensary Inventory Management

Dispensaries that conduct Cycle Counts on a regular basis see a dramatic decrease in inventory discrepancies, from all sources.

Get the free guidebook on the right way to do dispensary cycle counts now

Top 5 Cannabis Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

We see several common cannabis marketing mistakes that dispensaries make frequently that make for a less-than-ideal experience for the customers they're trying to reach.

Discover how you can improve your cannabis marketing ROI

FIFO: The Importance of This Dispensary Inventory Management Best Practice

First In, First Out (FIFO) is an inventory management best practice to ensure that the oldest inventory gets sold first.

Following FIFO in your cannabis dispensary prevents waste and spoilage

Why California Dispensaries Need A California-Specific POS for Compliant Sales

Smart dispensary operators in California understand the value in choosing a software that translates to fast, accurate or compliant operations.

Discover how a cannabis POS system built for your state regulatory structure can optimize your workflows

3 Common Operational Inefficiencies at Cannabis Dispensaries

Meadow's connected cannabis POS system boosts efficiency across all of your operations, saving labor costs and reducing redundancies.

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5 Tips for Cannabis Retail Forecasting & Smart Inventory Buying

An expert cannabis buyer and planner team share five key takeaways to consider when thinking about how to plan your product offerings at a new dispensary or delivery service.  

Discover what dispensary buyers and planners should consider when planning an inventory assortment

The Ultimate 4/20 Dispensary Guide

Meadow's Ultimate 4/20 Dispensary Guidebook is a 28-page resource that covers marketing, inventory and omni-channel sales for cannabis retail operations.

Get your cannabis retail operation prepared for the biggest sales day of the year with this in-depth guidebook