Optimize Your Dispensary Inventory Management with Intuitive Workflows

With sophisticated Track and Trace package reception, purchase orders, and new product creation, Meadow's easy-to-use cannabis inventory management software simplifies complex workflows to reduce the time you spend managing your inventory, saving hours while meeting compliance requirements.
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Key Features of Meadow’s Cannabis Inventory Management Software

Accurate Menus, Everywhere Customers Shop

All menus (in-store, online, delivery, pick-up, Weedmaps, and Leafly) automatically update in real-time when a product is sold, re-stocked, or re-priced, so your inventory is always up to date, everywhere customers are searching.

Accurately Audit Your Inventory and Reduce Theft

Meadow’s real-time cycle count functionality is an integral tool in detecting fraud or misuse and making sure your physical inventory matches with your POS inventory and Metrc inventory.

Full State Compliance

Advanced, industry-leading Metrc Track and Trace workflows proactively prevent discrepancies in inventory and create compliant purchase orders directly from your licensed Metrc transfers, directly in Meadow's cannabis inventory management software.

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Actionable Data to Optimize Inventory

Know exactly what products are on your retail floor and in back-stock to inform your purchasing decisions.

Premium Inventory Velocity

Use inventory data, such as how many days of inventory you have on hand, when products will run out of stock, and which products should be discounted to move before they expire to increase revenue and reduce costs.

Manage All Vendor Accounts

Easily see all of your vendors in one place, including open purchase orders, what’s overdue or outstanding, the amount of accounts payable to each, how much excise tax is owed, and more.

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I check flower inventory probably five times a day if not more to see what we need as things are moving. Meadow’s low inventory feature helps us quickly notice when a product is low, high, or out. It’s straightforward and streamlines ordering a lot.
Sara Berthiaume
Sara Berthiaume
Distribution, Curation and Brand Partnerships