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Marketing tools to bring new customers into your dispensary

7 Proven Strategies to Bring New Customers into Your Dispensary

Are you looking to bring in more customers and patients through your doors? As the cannabis market continues to expand and become more competitive, dispensaries all over the country are struggling to find ways to stand out from the competition.

With the right strategies, however, it’s possible to bring in more customers and grow your dispensary business quickly and efficiently. Here are seven effective ways to do just that.

Cannabis Marketing for Dispensaries: Best Practices for 420

Dispensaries can use their full visibility into customer data (the who, when, what, where, buying history and buying patterns) to deploy sophisticated marketing campaigns and use marketing budgets effectively.

Here are select recommendations for cannabis retail operators preparing for 420 cannabis marketing from VPs at Meadow, Weedmaps, SparkPlug and Alpine IQ.

Get creative with your cannabis marketing to encourage loyal customers to return to your dispensary more frequently and bring their friends

Boost Dispensary Sales and Customer Retention: Nurturing VIP Customers for Success

VIP dispensary customers are invaluable assets who should be taken care of properly if you want their continued support and patronage. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can show appreciation for these special guests without breaking the bank.

With a little effort, showing love for your loyal customers doesn't have to be hard!

Switch over from your current point of sale platform today

The Switch to New Dispensary POS Software: Insights from Three Greens Collective

Discover why Three Greens Collective loves Meadow POS in this Q&A. Learn how Meadow's innovative features and capabilities are helping the dispensary operate more efficiently and deliver exceptional customer service.

Discover the benefits of switching to Meadow POS for your dispensary today

Take better care of your VIP dispensary customers blog banner image depicting B-Real signing autographs in a cannabis retail store.

Dispensary Loyalty Programs: Rewarding Your VIP Customers

Boost revenue and customer satisfaction with a holistic cannabis loyalty program for your VIP dispensary customers.

Learn six ways to retain and reward your VIP dispensary customers

Learn how to curate a visually appealing and enticing product display that showcases your unique cannabis offerings

Mastering Cannabis Dispensary Merchandising

Uncover the secrets to maximizing sales and customer satisfaction through effective dispensary merchandising strategies.

Explore the art of creating a welcoming and comfortable environment that entices customers to explore your merchandise.

Send targeted cannabis text marketing campaigns using Meadow's all-in-one platform.

The Power of Marketing Segments

Spend your budget wisely by sending targeted text message campaigns using Meadow's cannabis marketing tool!

Read strategies to reduce your marketing spend while maximizing the reward.

In this webinar with Sara Betesh, Founder of Betesh Buying Group, we review dispensary inventory management and cannabis marketing best practices for holiday sales.

Cannabis Retail Best Practices: Seasonal Marketing & Buying Tips

Sara Betesh, Founder of Betesh Buying Group, brings her 25+ years of retail buying expertise to this Meadow webinar to help dispensaries get ready for a successful holiday season.

From assortment planning to strategic markdowns and more, watch this webinar replay to gain actionable tips and tricks to boost sales and delight customers at your dispensary this holiday season.

Dispensary Marketing & Building Brand Relationships with Julien Butler, Directer of Retail Sales, Marketing at Delivery at the Original Green Cross of Torrance and David Hua, CEO of Meadow

Meadow Memo: Dispensary Marketing & Building Brand Relationships

In this episode, we hear about how retailers work with brands, what it takes for brands to get on shelves, the importance of industry relationships, and how cannabis retailers should approach omni-channel sales

Learn how a vertically integrated cannabis retailer approaches working with brands, curating a menu, catering to customers, and more

Meadow's new cannabis marketing platform makes it easier for dispensaries to send text messages to customers

Introducing: Meadow's Connected Cannabis Marketing and CRM Platform

Dispensaries can grow their business by nurturing the best customers with targeted text marketing campaigns.

Learn how to put customer data to work and take the guess-work out of dispensary marketing