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Headquartered in San Francisco since 2014, the birthplace of the medical cannabis legalization movement, the Meadow team is deeply immersed in California cannabis culture. Over the years we’ve proudly worked hand in hand with retail partners to develop the smart software tools they’ve needed to operate efficiently in an emerging, legalized market.

Our core tenants unify collective efforts to push the cannabis legalization movement forward, helping educate and build community around this plant have always been core tenants of who we are. We’ve hosted hundreds of our own events, launched Meadowlands, our annual cannabis industry retreat in the redwoods, and powered legal cannabis sales at compliant events across the Golden State.

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Meadow offers compliant point of sale software and iPad or Elo-based hardware packages at licensed California cannabis events across the state. Contact to learn more about our cannabis sales event rentals and our white-glove support services.

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When you look at a POS system, you should actually be looking for the people behind the software. And what I saw at Meadow was that they were really creating a community for San Francisco that was integrated within the wider California cannabis community. It’s a business model of ‘I’d like to integrate myself within the community’ instead of ‘I’d like to just sit on top of the industry and profit from it.’
Jerred Kiloh
Jerred Kiloh
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