Never Worry About Metrc Again

Meadow's dispensary software is built in lockstep with shifting state and local regulatory requirements. If you've been using a system with clunky workflows built for another regulatory environment, it's time to upgrade to a 100% compliant system, with no CSV uploads, ever.
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Is Your Dispensary Actually Metrc Compliant?

Quickly identify a Metrc compliance issue by looking for these three easy ways to identify red flags

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Key Features of Meadow’s Smart Metrc-Compliant Dispensary Software System

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Built-In Safeguards for Stress-Free Compliance

Say goodbye to negative inventory and duplicate sales data. While other systems let you oversell, Meadow's built-in guardrails keeps you compliant with clean inventory in all of your sales channels.

Reduce Inventory Discrepancies

With smart tools like cycle counts, our system helps you keep track of your inventory to maintain compliance, reduce loss, and avoid an audit.

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Accurate Metrc UID Labeling

Labeling each unit of product is the easiest way for retailers to ensure they are accurately accounting for inventory and selling out of the correct Metrc packages. With Meadow’s proprietary labeling system, you can easily create package specific labels for every product and option in your inventory.

Active Account Monitoring

With daily Metrc monitoring, our team ensures packages are uploaded correctly and any false negatives are rectified.

Meadow's ability to integrate with Metrc is really what sets it apart from any other point of sale because it reduces the workload by 50% at minimum, saving me countless hours of sifting through Metrc.
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Sleep Better at Night Knowing You're Fully Compliant with Metrc

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We're Here To Help You Navigate Complex Cannabis Compliance

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Comprehensive Metrc Support and Training

If you’re migrating from another cannabis POS system and you need more assistance cleaning up inventory discrepancies, we offer a full service option including in-depth consultation and compliance training. This includes purchase order management, setting up a labelling station, conducting cycle counts, and ensuring you’re implementing Metrc best practices for inventory and sales.

Meadow’s Metrc Workshop Series

Building community and sharing knowledge are core to the Meadow ethos. When Metrc Track and Trace first rolled out in California, Meadow traveled thousands of miles across the state to host workshops in more than 15 cities, sharing information on best practices and workflows to meet the requirements of the state’s new compliance program. Follow Meadow on Instagram and Twitter to find other upcoming educational events for the cannabis community.

Meadow understands the solutions real operators need. The best metrc software solution. Period.
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Managing Partner / CEO