Dennis Peron medical cannabis should not be taxed, Meadow's No Tax on Medical Cannabis advocacy

Sign Your Support for Meadow's "No Tax on Medicine" Campaign

The cannabis industry is seeking help in addressing California's inconsistent tax policies as it relates to medical cannabis patients.

We need your support.

Learn how to curate a visually appealing and enticing product display that showcases your unique cannabis offerings

Rolling in Success: Mastering Dispensary Merchandising

Uncover the secrets to maximizing sales and customer satisfaction through effective dispensary merchandising strategies.

Explore the art of creating a welcoming and comfortable environment that entices customers to explore your merchandise.

Retail Standard Operating Procedure for closing a cannabis dispensary in California - a complete checklist

Cannabis Retail SOP: End of Day Closing a Dispensary Checklist

Don't let the end-of-day dispensary closing routine become a burden. Instead, seize the opportunity to streamline your dispensary's day-to-day workflow.

End the day on a high note and complete all the necessary steps to properly close your cannabis retail store

Follow these best practices and SOPs for opening a cannabis retail dispensary efficiently with Meadow point of sale system

Cannabis Retail SOP: Dispensary Opening Checklist for Each Key Staff Role

It requires a diligent cannabis retail team to start the sales day right. Delegating the following tasks to each respective team member can impact the success of your dispensary.

With just a few minutes to prepare, review this checklist with your team before opening any cannabis dispensary

Meadow cannabis retail software being used by cannabis brands at the Hall of Flowers event in Santa Rosa

Three Reasons to Love Hall of Flowers

Hall of Flowers returns to Santa Rosa this May 3-4, 2023 with a new official after-party, an opportunity to pre-book meetings, plus all of the cannabis and community this event is known for.

Three reasons to love this quintessentially California cannabis event.

Get a comprehensive overview of your dispensary's inventory with Meadow's reporting suite.

The Power of Data Analysis: How Meadow Reports Can Help Boost Your Business Decisions

Unlock your dispensary's potential with these 5 must-have reporting features.

Unlock your dispensary's potential with these 5 must-have reporting features.

Paychex dropped your cannabis business? Check out Gusto for payroll and HR

Introducing Cannabis Payroll and HR from Gusto

Did your cannabis business lose services when Paychex stopped servicing the industry?

Introducing a new solution for cannabis payroll and HR services from fellow Y Combinator company, Gusto.

SparkPlug's sales incentive platform is designed to motivate and reward budtenders for bigger sales and happier employees. And the best part? The incentives are paid for by brands you already carry in your shop! 

Meadow & SparkPlug Join Forces to Supercharge Budtender Sales

With the new Meadow <> SparkPlug integration, dispensary teams can run contests and commissions and set goals to motivate their teams to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how to reward budtenders and supercharge your sales teams using the new SparkPlug integration with Meadow.

marijuana dispensary credit card payments

Meadow Payments: An Integrated Compliant Pin-Based Debit Solution for Dispensaries

Introducing the cheapest rates for compliant debit processing, with funds always flowing directly to your bank account.

Say goodbye to rounding errors with to-the-penny precision. Say hello to larger carts and bigger sales. Learn more about Meadow Payments for dispensaries

Meadow and Onfleet cannabis delivery softwaer

Important Regulatory Update: New California Cannabis Delivery Ledger Requirements & Steps for Compliance

Overview of new California cannabis delivery ledger requirements that went live on April 1, 2023.

Learn more about new compliant workflows that are required for all California cannabis delivery operators