Since 2014, Meadow has evolved into a complete all-in-one cannabis point of sale software system designed to streamline operations for dispensaries and delivery operators. By integrating with other essential software systems like Onfleet for delivery logistics and Quickbooks for taxes, Meadow becomes a complete software solution with all of the necessary workflows you need to run a modern dispensary. Our strategic integrations simplify front and back of house operations, creating positive customer experiences and reducing repetitive labor for your team.

A view of the Atrium cannabis dispensary sales floor in Topanga, California

Discover More About Meadow’s Cannabis Point of Sale Integrations

Save time and money with Meadow’s automatic Weedmaps integration. Customers always know what’s available and you never have to update your menu by hand again.

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Keep customers happy with a Leafly menu that stays up to date in real time, with no manual work from your team.

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Onfleet integrated with Meadow streamlines compliant cannabis delivery with efficient dispatching, tracking, and SMS communications with customers for an Uber-like experience.

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Meadow’s unique integration with Metrc streamlines Track-and-Trace requirements, making it efficient to compliantly receive inventory and track sales.

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Other Smart Integrations to Improve Dispensary Operations

Accounting with Quickbooks

Create accounting activity in QuickBooks with ease; import data once a day, once a week or once a month.

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TV Menu Integrations with Enlighten, APOP, Divvy Digital, Greenscreens

Display your menu in large format digital screens inside your dispensary.

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Online Menu Integrations with Dutchie and I Heart Jane

Push your inventory to these e-Commerce sites to catch more customers, wherever they’re shopping.

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