Actionable Reports, Analytics and Broad Data Access That You Own

Easily see what you’re selling, in which sales channels, how quickly, and to who. With real-time accuracy and pre-built dashboards, Meadow's detailed, exportable reports give you the data you need to plan your inventory, manage staffing needs, simplify tax collection and remittance, and see what's happening in all facets of your cannabis retail operation.
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Key Features of Meadow’s Robust Reporting & Analytics System

A budtender greets a customer inside the Atrium dispensary in TopangaDispensary staff manage products in Meadow's admin website
Product sales insights displays in Meadow's admin website
See Trends in Analytics Dashboards

Charts, graphs and tables make it easy to popular products, number of active daily customers, order totals, and at-a-glance sales numbers for the day, week, month and year.

Detailed, Exportable Reports to Understand Your Business

Run twenty different detailed, customizable reports, from orders, taxes, loyalty, rewards, inventory, customer reports and more.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Log in to Meadow's cloud-based cannabis retail platform anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Clean Data You Can Trust

Easily find the exact current or historical data you need, and have confidence that it's accurate.

Own Your Data

All of your sales, inventory and customer information add up in a single system, creating valuable, accurate data that you (and you alone) own. Meadow never shares your data with any third parties.

Manage Your Staff

See which budtenders sell the most and which give the most discounts to help you track performance of your employees, reward top associates and plan sales goals.

Use Sales Data to Improve Marketing

Better understand the who, how, when, where, and why your customers are buying to help you speak to your customers and create targeted offers to grow your business and attract repeat customers.

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See How Meadow's Analytics Can Improve Your Cannabis Retail Operation with Actionable Data

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