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Customizable Cannabis eCommerce

User-friendly design tools to create a customized menu and shopping experience your customers will love. Stand out from the competition and let your brand shine.

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Easy Menu Color Customization

Integrate your brand’s unique colors, style, and aesthetics for a cohesive and engaging customer journey - from first scroll through checkout. Say goodbye to boring, one-size-fits-all menus, and hello to a stylish online experience your customers will love.

Experience the difference with our live Menu Pro demo—try switching the menu color combinations above.

The top of a web browser including the URL bar, showing Menu Pro and the meadowPath URL parameter

Unique URLs for Every Page

Menu Pro updates URLs as customers interact with your menu, allowing for easy navigation to specific collections, products, or filters. Just copy, paste, and you're all set to spotlight your best products in marketing or let customers share their favorites.

The left side filter bar of Menu Pro, showing checkboxes for strains and categories

Advanced Filtering

Menu Pro’s upgraded filtering system lets your customers refine their search for immediate results and product discovery. Customers can effortlessly filter by strain, cannabinoid, price, and more, with results updating instantly, ensuring they find exactly what they're looking for.

Menu Pro's loyalty rewards page, featuring available loyalty points, $10 off reward, 10% off reward, free edible reward, and a money back reward.

Seamless Integration & Implementation

Implementing Menu Pro is as simple as copying and pasting a line of code. Instantly integrate a powerful, full-featured cannabis eCommerce solution into your existing website, with minimal technical effort and maximum impact.

Meadow Menu Pro with the pop out cart active, showing three products in the cart and a checkout button

Peak Performance at Lightning Speed

In eCommerce, every millisecond counts. Menu Pro offers unparalleled speed and efficiency, creating a frictionless shopping and checkout experience. Customers can quickly locate products, discover new favorites, and complete purchases in seconds, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

The Trending Products collection of a Menu Pro website, showing several products in a row

Product Collections Curated for Your Customers

Help customers discover their favorite new products with smart collections featuring Popular, Trending, Featured, and Sale items. These dynamic selections automatically update and complement standard categories, enriching the browsing experience and seamlessly integrating into your menu’s homepage.

Menu Pro's loyalty rewards page, featuring available loyalty points, $10 off reward, 10% off reward, free edible reward, and a money back reward.

Comprehensive Customer Interaction

Menu Pro is more than just a menu—it's a complete engagement platform. Customers can create profiles, view and redeem loyalty points, place orders, opt into marketing, and much more. Enhance every aspect of the customer journey within a single, integrated solution.

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A small tablet running Meadow Menu Pro, showing the front page (the collections view)