Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Meadow is Committed to Building a More Collaborative, Equitable, and Compassionate Cannabis Community

Since our company's founding in 2014, Meadow has remained deeply committed to legitimizing the legal cannabis industry, creating frameworks for both social equity and compassionate cannabis programs to thrive, and hosting educational and community events to foster a supportive and collaborative cannabis community. As the first cannabis company to be accepted into the Y Combinator startup incubator in Silicon Valley, Meadow is also dedicated to helping the tech community be more inclusive and diverse.

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Industry Leadership

Meadow CEO and Co-Founder David Hua has served as a Board Member of California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA), The Cannabis Distribution Association (CDA), and the National Cannabis Industry Association's (NCIA) Retail Committee. Meadow is also a proud member of the United Cannabis Business Association and works with these influential trade associations to unite the legal cannabis industry and create a unified voice at the state and national levels.

Since 2014, Meadow has worked to provide education and community feedback to regulators and legislators; we traveled thousands of miles to make public comments and lobby at every state cannabis regulatory session in California because we're committed to advocating for licensed cannabis dispensaries to have lower taxes and more access to professional and financial services like any other modern, state-legal business.

Meadow CEO David Hua testifies to California regulators about about cannabis policyWomen holding hands among a group at Meadowlands

Community Building, Education & Connection

Over the years, Meadow has hosted hundreds of free and low-cost cannabis industry events to share information and empower licensed operators with the knowledge to succeed in this new, emerging industry. In 2018, we launched Meadowlands as an annual cannabis industry retreat designed to build a united and collaborative community across the supply chain. Held in the redwood forests of Mendocino County, this summer gathering brings together upwards of 600 like-minded cannabis entrepreneurs, decision-makers, state regulators and industry professionals to share knowledge and help the community build valuable alliances across the supply chain. Every year, Meadow offers discounted and free scholarship tickets to social equity operators and those affected by the War on Drugs. We donate a percentage of all net revenue from this annual event to a select nonprofit partner working for social equity or compassion in the cannabis industry.

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This is not some get-rich-quick scheme. We're playing the long game on behalf of the movement.
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David Hua
Meadow CEO and Co-Founder
Dope Magazine (2016)

Compassion Programs

We support compassion programs including Sweetleaf Collective and Warriors for Weed which donate free cannabis to low-income, terminally-ill patients. Meadow gives these compassion programs free storage of patient data in Meadow's HIPAA-secure database, and we provide resources to help all dispensaries powered by Meadow's software to set up their own in-store compassion programs to process donations for medical patients. Over the years, we also worked with Weed for Good to remove obstacles for medical patients to get access to free cannabis programs.

Woman behind cannabis plant, smilingA small, diverse group of cannabis entrepreneurs

Social Equity

Part of our core mission at Meadow is to do all that we can to ensure that the legal cannabis industry is as equitable as possible for all involved, especially for Black and Brown communities whose lives were destroyed by the decades-long War on Drugs, with cannabis enforcement practices that created multigenerational trauma, incarceration and oppression of communities across America.

Learn more about our social equity initiatives and special POS pricing for dispensaries and delivery operators

Allies Creating Equity

In June 2020, after the murder of George Floyd, Meadow's CEO David Hua, with two other Y Combinator founders, launched Allies Creating Equity (A.C.E.), a group of YC founders, entrepreneurs, scientists, leaders, students, executives, activists and anti-racists who believe in using our collective energy and power to dismantle racism, undo white supremacy, stop anti-Black violence, and build a 21st-century social structure based on respect, dignity, and freedom for all BIPOC. To help create more equitable tech startups in Silicon Valley and beyond, A.C.E. provides resources to YC founders and startup entrepreneurs under the pillars of:

  1. Education and Healing
  2. Donations
  3. Mentorship and Talent

Being an Ally Creating Equity means we commit to learning about the ways in which generations of white Americans have benefited from institutionalized racism and systematic oppression; dismantling subconscious racial bias, listening and educating ourselves on the ways race and privilege intersect in all facets of our culture; taking action in defense of human life; and designing systems that benefit Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities that have been long oppressed. As a company, we're committed to this pledge, which means every year we mentor BIPOC students, hire BIPOC interns, evaluate diverse candidates before making hiring decisions, send annual donations to select pro-equity organizations, and share educational resources to help our team actively dismantle subconscious racial biases.