Social Equity

Part of our core mission at Meadow is to do all that we can to ensure that the legal cannabis industry is as equitable as possible for all involved, especially for Black and Brown communities whose lives were destroyed by the decades-long War on Drugs, with cannabis enforcement practices that created multigenerational trauma, incarceration and oppression of communities across America.

We are proud to have worked with organizations like the Minority Cannabis Business Association for the last 5+ years to craft cannabis policy frameworks that are equitable to help social equity participants and the industry as a whole to move forward. We regularly sponsor events such as the Equity Sessions and teach free retail compliance curriculum and lead workforce development training with groups like Equity for Industry at Success Centers and Our Academy to help social equity applicants get more access to education and training.

We published the Cannabis Safe to help new operators get access to capital with equitable investment terms. We speak about how policymakers and industry leaders can create a more equitable market.

Juneteenth is a paid company holiday for Meadow employees, and we encourage our team to take this day to learn about the devastating effects of the War on Drugs and help brainstorm solutions to give back to communities of culture.

We're committed to using our platform, our voice, our resources and our community to continue to find more robust ways to support social equity.

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Reduced Price Cannabis POS & Software for Social Equity Dispensaries and Delivery Operators

We are proud to power some of the first operational social equity dispensaries and delivery services in California. We also offer discounted pricing on our all-in-one POS and delivery software for licensed social equity applicants in California.

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Meadow’s Social Equity Guiding Principles

  1. Education

    Meadow believes technical and vocational training and education is a core foundation for Black and Brown communities to empower them as owners in their cannabis operations.
    In Action:
    • We always lead with curriculum designed to fill the operational gap.
    • We prioritize compliance education to ensure these hard-earned social equity licenses are in compliance with all regulatory requirements.
    • We facilitate, adjust, and iterate curriculum based on the needs of the specific audience, taking into account socio-economic backgrounds and lack of access to quality education.
  2. Access

    Meadow recognizes and honors the effects of racist policy creation and enforcement and commits to meeting applicants where they're at in all interactions.
    In Action:
    • We recognize and honor the effect of drug policy, militarization of police, racist enforcement tactics, the prison-industrial complex and the tragedy of the homes that were destroyed, the families that were broken and the children that were raised in the foster care system.
    • We recognize there are customs, culture, and a host of other factors that play into where a person is willing and able to show up.
  3. Allyship

    Meadow stands in allyship with the Black and Brown communities and considers all partnerships in terms of their transparency to applicants.
    In Action:
    • We hold space for Black and Brown entrepreneurs when we facilitate events, teach curriculum and onboard new dispensary and delivery partners.
    • We check for transparency in all social equity partnerships that we enter into to ensure social equity applicants are respected and supported to avoid predatory partnerships.

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Codifies our Commitment to Helping the Cannabis Community Succeed.

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