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When your customers win, you win.

Create a fully customizable dispensary loyalty program with a suite of reward options to keep your customers to keep coming back. Maximize revenue and enhance relationships by giving cash back, gifts or free products to your most loyal customers.

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Meadow is a great POS system. We have our own loyalty system set up through Meadow software. This software is cool because it allows us to keep track of things and give people rewards. Meadow has really helped us with our whole cycle of business. They’ve made it really efficient and easy to use. It’s really awesome.
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Steven Murray
Marketing Director
Coast to Coast

Key Features of Meadow’s Customizable Dispensary Loyalty Program

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Grow Your Business with Loyal Customers

Meadow’s dispensary loyalty program helps build loyal customers who come back to shop with you and make bigger purchases.

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Flexible Rewards

Reward your customers in a multitude of ways. With four different reward types to choose from (cash back, flat discount, percent discount or free product), you can have flexibility in the perks you offer loyal customers.

Redeem Anywhere

Loyalty points travel with your customers across platforms and devices so they get the same shopping and rewards experience online, on mobile, in-person, picking-up, or ordering delivery.

Built-in Promo Codes

Easily set up single-use codes for either $ or % off an order.

Customer Groups

Want to create discounts that ALWAYS apply to a customer (for example if you give 10% off all transactions for veterans, seniors, cancer survivors, etc.)? Use a Customer Group to support these groups in your community.

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