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The event marked the launch of PEACE BY PAX, PAX's new impact platform that supports social reform, safe access, and sustainability. The Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Act (SB-34) permitted the tax-free donation of cannabis to low-income patients. Steven Jung, PAX's COO and a former Captain in the United States Army, emphasizes the need for patients to have access to safe, regulated, and affordable cannabis. This is one of the core pillars of PEACE BY PAX. PAX partnered with compassionate community leaders across the Bay Area to make this event a success for patients who depend on cannabis for medicinal purposes.

SB-34 Cannabis Donations in California: PAX Compassion Case Study

Discover how PAX collaborated with local dispensaries in NorCal to organize a Day of Peace compassion cannabis event. Learn how you can do the same at your dispensary.

Discover how PAX collaborated with local dispensaries in NorCal to organize a Day of Peace compassion cannabis event. Learn how you can do the same at your dispensary.

Baked by the River, an independent cannabis dispensary. At the helm are local residents, Jesse Marie and Cord – dedicated educators and activists who themselves were punished by the archaic systems that penalized both people and the plant.

Breaking Ground: Meadow POS System Paves the Way for Seamless Cannabis Retail Experiences in New Jersey

Meadow Cannabis Retail Point of Sale goes live in New Jersey with Baked by the River & Plant Base Dispensary

Meadow's Cannabis POS System Hits New Jersey, Setting Industry Standards

Dennis Peron medical cannabis should not be taxed, Meadow's No Tax on Medical Cannabis advocacy

Sign Your Support for Meadow's "No Tax on Medicine" Campaign

The cannabis industry is seeking help in addressing California's inconsistent tax policies as it relates to medical cannabis patients.

We need your support.

Cannabis Retail Operations Best Practices from Cookies Head of Retail Crystal Milican with Meadow CEO David Hua. They discuss dispensary best practices and how to approach retail growth in the cannabis industry

Meadow Memo: Building a Successful Multi-Shop Cannabis Retail Operation

With 50 retail locations in 17 markets across 4 countries, Cookies is a globally recognized cannabis company with a family of top-selling cannabis brands including Runtz and Grandiflora. Hear how they're "blitzscaling" their retail footprint worldwide

Read more about the importance of a resilient mindset, embracing the hustle, building partnerships, managing growth, defining the customer journey, working with Berner and more

The Dabbies Awards from The Hood Incubator during the Meadowlands 2021 leadership summit

The Dabbies Awards, presented by The Hood Incubator

The Dabbies Awards, presented by The Hood Incubator, are designed to recognize companies in the cannabis industry who have made sustained effort to support and champion social equity.

View the shortlist of awards and submit your vote!

Rusty Wilenkin Old Pal CEO

Serving Cannabis: Q&A with Old Pal CEO, Rusty Wilenkin

In this Q&A, the Old Pal CEO shares about his long journey with cannabis, creating a team and company around this plant, and the importance of building an inclusive community within this industry.

Read more about Rusty's journey building the Old Pal company

Weldon Angelos uses The Weldon Project and Mission Green to advocate for those nonviolent drug offenders incarcerated for cannabis

Q&A With Weldon Angelos: Highlighting The Weldon Project and Mission Green

This activist is using his personal experience of being incarcerated for cannabis to advocate for and secure the release of other incarcerated, nonviolent drug offenders and help rebuild their lives through reentry programs.

Learn about Weldon's efforts to help end cannabis prohibition and reform our federal criminal justice system

California compassion program with Sweetleaf Collective for medical cannabis patients

Cannabis Compassion Donations in California: Q&A With Dear Cannabis;

In this Q&A, the Dear Cannabis; team explains how they've established partnerships across California's licensed cannabis supply chain to make it possible to donate compassionate cannabis to patients in need.

Read more about the importance of SB-34 and how to support compassionate cannabis programs

Vincent Ning CEO and Founder Nabis,  a California cannabis distribution company

Serving Cannabis: Q&A with Nabis CEO, Vincent Ning

In this Q&A, the Founder and CEO of Nabis shares about his leadership philosophy of building a cannabis company and team, and where he hopes to see the industry go in the future.

Read more about Vince's journey and insights into starting one of the biggest cannabis distribution companies in California with his childhood best friend