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A Vertically Integrated, Multi-Shop Operation On the Importance of Choosing the Right Cannabis POS System

A budtender at Coast to Coast Canoga Park uses the cannabis POS to complete a transaction
After going through two other cannabis POS systems, Southern California-based Coast to Coast was looking for a reliable technology partner to accurately manage their inventory, much of which is their own brand of award-winning cannabis flower from 3C Farm. Find out more about why this vertically integrated group upgraded to Meadow’s all-in-one dispensary software to power retail operations at their two SoCal dispensaries.
Raheem Santos, Inventory Manager
Raheem Santos
Inventory Manager
Corey Schwartz, COO
Corey Schwartz
Steven Murray, Marketing Director
Steven Murray
Marketing Director
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With more than 20 years of cultivation experience, master grower Brian Schwartz, his brother Corey Schwartz, and their friend Chris Malcolm teamed up to build a vertically integrated cannabis business in Southern California, specializing in their own homegrown award-winning 3C Farms Flower. Since 2014, this family-owned business has scaled and continue to expand their operations. With multiple High Times Awards and different cannabis cups under their belts, they’ve become some of the most reputable operators in the San Fernando Valley with Coast to Coast Canoga as their HQ and main growing facility. In 2019, the group opened their second retail dispensary, Coast to Coast Los Angeles, in the Arts District of DTLA. With over 30 different homegrown strains like Jack Cracken, Illuminati OG, and Kush Cookies, Coast to Coast keeps their retail shelves stocked with their signature flower, now grown in multiple offsite cultivation facilities throughout The Valley and the wider LA area.

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Upgrading to A System With Inventory Data That Can Be Trusted

When Coast to Coast switched to Meadow, they had been using cannabis POS systems built for other state-legal regulatory environments that created unwieldy workarounds in California, resulting in inventory data that wasn't accurate.

Being able to trust what products are actually in stock and maintaining clean sales records for compliance was a key reason they upgraded to Meadow’s complete POS system to power their two dispensaries. The bulk of shelf space at both stores is made up of proprietary strains of high quality flower; about 70% of sales are their own 3C flower brands. The Canoga location has more than 1500 SKUs in their inventory every day, and their team uses Meadow’s blind-count cycle counts to manage their inventory and review reports to plan their product mix.

“I spend most of my day in Meadow. Reconciling and doing cycle counts with Meadow is really easy; it’s quick to spot discrepancies and categorize your inventory,” says inventory manager Raheem Santos. “With Meadow we can keep multiple inventory locations organized and have multiple people counting different inventory locations at once: delivery, backstock, retail floor. Making sure counts are right in Meadow is easy. It’s fast to find the products you’re looking for. The reporting makes it really fast to see what’s sold. Meadow helps us see the trends.”

Meadow makes it easy for all of our operations, it helps us stay compliant and manage the flow of products. It’s very important to have a stable software like Meadow with inventory data you can trust. Meadow is the smoothest POS I’ve ever used. It’s a solid system that makes my job easier.
Raheem Santos
Raheem Santos
Inventory Manager
A line of customers awaits busy budtenders at Coast to Coast Canoga Park

Happy Customers With Loyalty and POS in One

Before Coast to Coast switched to Meadow, they had two separate software systems to manage their customer rewards and their sales. “It was tough having loyalty on a different system as it never tied into the point of sale,” says COO Corey Schwartz. “When we did introduce Meadow, their built in loyalty points works out really well for us. It's streamlined, and their points show up on the receipt for the customer, which makes them really happy. It's been great to have a single system that has loyalty built into the same system as POS.”

A Cannabis POS System Built for the Evolving Needs of California Dispensaries

Since 2014, Meadow has worked collaboratively with dispensaries to understand their needs and workflows to continue to optimize our cannabis software to help these retailers be more efficient. We’re always looking for ways to improve, and no one knows better than dispensary operators what kinds of changes would make their operations even more seamless.

“There were issues in the last two point of sale systems that we've used where we saw things that could be improved,” says Schwartz. “And we've tried to give those notes but it was always really tough to get those things to come to fruition. With Meadow, we were able to see a lot of those results. They listened to us. And they implemented some of the things that made our operations easier. And I think it should help others as well.”

Switching to Meadow was a choice we took really seriously. Meadow is our third point of sale software that we used. The biggest thing that Meadow has going is the simplicity and clean interface while still being a very robust software. It gives you the reporting that you need. It gives you the detailed line items that you need as you pull reports and get in-depth into those sales and looking at analytics. But it's super user-friendly. We're excited to be with the Meadow team and we're excited to grow from here.
Corey Schwartz
Corey Schwartz
Many cannabis plants in an indoor grow

Everything Under One Roof

Our philosophy has always been to build the most complete set of connected canabis software tools for California dispensaries.

“To have a system that takes in all compliance and makes everything accessible leads to transparency across the board,” says Steven Murray, Marketing Director for Coast to Coast Canoga. “Having an all-in-one system with Meadow creates an ease of use that you can't get with having everything third party or having to use multiple companies to facilitate things, especially if they don't link on the backend; Meadow's made things really efficient for us having everything in one spot.”

Operations with Meadow are really efficient and easy, whether you’re using the system as a budtender for customer service purposes or if you’re using the backend for inventory management or wholesale production and purchase or tracking a discount. Meadow’s efficiency has really helped us run our whole cycle of business a lot better.
Steven Murray
Steven Murray
Marketing Director

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“The switchover process was easy with hands-on support from their team. They were super helpful and made sure we had clean inventory and were set up for success.”

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