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With a free Onfleet integration and compliant inventory tracking on every sale, our cannabis delivery software streamlines operations with real-time tracking, efficient dispatching, compliant invoices and manifests, and SMS communications for a smooth ordering experience.

Cannabis delivery driver holding an iPhone at the steering wheel with the Onfleet and Meadow integration

Nice Guys Delivery: Powered by Meadow Since 2015

From 20 to 15,000 Customers
Now Running 11 Delivery Cars Across Marin County

Monica Gray
Monica Gray
COO, Nice Guys Delivery

Nice Guys Delivery has been using Meadow for 5 years and they truly have become part of our family. The system and the Meadow team has been invaluable to our business and is the best delivery service ERP system out there. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow as a company and expand its offerings.

What is also wonderful about Meadow is their dedication to keeping their system up to regulations making it much easier for retailers to provide government entities with proper reports, receipts, and data. They are so incredibly dialed into how a delivery service company operates.

Their platform syncs to systems such as Onfleet, customer receipts with all regulation met, excise tax calculation functions, and now the syncing to the state Metrc system, etc. They have been quick to implement regulations at every turn. The communication level and response to feedback are also incredible.

There are so many pieces of feedback that we have provided over the years and they truly listen and have applied them to their system, making it better for us as a delivery service to operate effectively. We love and have the utmost respect for Meadow.

Simplify Compliance with Cannabis Delivery Software

A dispatcher looks on at a realtime Onfleet map
A Nice Guys Delivery driver hands product to a customer
Nice Guys Delivery staff hard at work tracking and packing orders
Stay in Sync With Metrc

Automatically sync your Metrc inventory to what’s in Meadow. Daily sales are reported from Meadow to Metrc with no manual reporting.

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Compliant Receipts

Easily print compliant delivery receipts that include customer name, ID, who prepared and delivered the product, items ordered, signature, date and time of delivery.

Simple GPS Tracking

Meet GPS tracking requirements with Onfleet’s smart integration; your driver and inventory’s exact location are always pinpointed on the dispatcher’s map.

Easily Accept Orders On Your Website

Embed your menu directly on your website to make it easy to process online orders for delivery.

Customize Your Delivery Offerings

Don't want to deliver far away for a $50 order but will accept it for a closer delivery? With Meadow's cannabis delivery software, you're in charge:

  • Set delivery estimates to display on your website
  • Set the different postal codes you want to deliver to
  • Set order minimums based on postal codes

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Smarter Logistics with Meadow + Onfleet Cannabis Delivery Software

Our two-way Onfleet and Meadow integration makes it easy to manage orders, optimize traffic routes, assign and schedule deliveries, track driver locations, communicate with customers and review delivery data.

Attract New Customers from the Marketplace

Add your delivery operations to our cannabis delivery marketplace to bring in new customers who are searching for cannabis in the zip codes you serve.

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Learn what it takes to set up compliant delivery in California.

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