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Meadow brings together best-in-class Hub & Spoke and Dynamic Cannabis Delivery (aka Ice Cream Truck, Trunk by Trunk) platforms, with logistics, tracking, customer communications, dispatching, geofencing, and full compliance built-in. We'll show you how to optimize delivery to make more revenue, lower labor and overhead costs, expand your territory, grow your fleet, and make every drop count.

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Hub & Spoke Delivery

Meadow's Hub and Spoke platform provides an advanced toolkit for delivery and pick-up from an inventory hub, like a dispensary storefront. Every step of the process flows together seamlessly, including online ordering, easy dispatching, routing and tracking of vehicles, notifications to customers, and auto-generated receipts and manifests.

Dynamic Delivery

Meadow’s Dynamic Delivery platform — also known as Ice Cream Truck or Trunk by Trunk Delivery — brings efficiency and scale to the next level by allowing Vehicles or Vehicle Kits to operate as their own inventory locations with customized menus and marketing campaigns, precise geofenced service areas, and automatic dispatching of drivers. With just a car, a driver, and a few clicks, retailers can create a customized mobile dispensary anywhere. It's the fastest, most powerful cannabis delivery platform available.

Nice Guys Delivery: Powered by Meadow Since 2015

From 20 to 15,000 Customers

Monica Gray
Monica Gray
COO, Nice Guys Delivery

Meadow is the best delivery system out there with a team that's incredibly dialed into how a delivery service really operates. We've been with Meadow since 2015 and have grown our customer base exponentially. Meadow has been with us every step of the way with a system that takes care of all the regulations, taxes, logistics, and compliance, so I can focus on my customers and growth.

Complete Delivery Toolkit

An example of Meadow's embedded menu, showing featured and flower productsA customer orders from the Meadow embedded menu on a mobile phone
An example of Meadow's embedded menu, showing featured and flower products
A delivery truck quickly reaching its destination inside a city downtown
An example of Meadow's embedded menu, showing featured and flower products
eCommerce & Online Menus

Embed beautiful, customized, mobile-optimized menus online so customers can order quickly and easily from any device.


Automatically dispatch vehicles to deliver orders placed in their service zone when using Dynamic Delivery.

Geo-Targeted Marketing

Generate instant demand with SMS marketing campaigns that target customers by location, purchase history, brand/product preferences, and more.

Precise Delivery Zones

Create customized delivery zones drawn to your exact specifications with their own taxes, operating hours, and delivery fees.

Customized Settings

Quickly update delivery time estimates, active service zones, and order minimums by location to respond to changes in demand.

Compliant California Delivery Ledgers

As of April 1, 2023, California cannabis delivery operators must create a Metrc inventory delivery ledger before  the vehicle can legally leave the licensed premises with unsold or pre-sold inventory. This is an important regulatory change that impacts cannabis delivery operation workflows.

Meadow's cannabis delivery software is ready to maintain compliance with all new requirements.

Learn more about new California Cannabis Delivery Ledger Requirements

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Logistics & Compliance

Real-time Inventory Reporting

Your inventory is always up to date for your team, your customers, and your compliance.

GPS Tracking & Logistics

Meadow's integration with Onfleet brings next-level GPS, routing, tracking, and logistics for fast and efficient delivery.

Stay in Sync With Metrc

Daily sales are automatically reported from Meadow to Metrc with no manual intervention.

Learn more about our Metrc Integration
An example of Meadow's embedded menu, showing featured and flower products
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Learn How to Run Compliant Hub & Spoke and Dynamic/Ice Cream Truck Delivery

Learn what it takes to set up compliant cannabis delivery.

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