The annual 4/20 holiday creates opportunities for dispensaries to maximize revenue, build engagement and drive customer loyalty.

Getting the maximum benefit out of this holiday requires thoughtful preparation — making sure you have the right products on your dispensary shelves, strategic discounts that don't eat into profits, budtenders informed of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, targeted marketing and cross-promotions, and an experience that will bring customers back all year long.

Dial in your operations, inventory, sale channels, and marketing so you can focus on connecting with customers, making big sales, and having fun in the process.

Download Now: The Ultimate 4/20 Dispensary Guidebook

Ultimate 4/20 Guidet

Meadow's Ultimate 4/20 Dispensary Guidebook is a 30-page cannabis retail resource that covers 3 key sections of dispensary operations on the biggest sales day of the year:

Section 1. Cannabis Marketing: Smarter Marketing For Bigger Sales

Rise above the 4/20 noise with promotions, messaging, and loyalty incentives that speak to your customers and drive bigger sales. We'll walk you through crafting strategic discounts, the value of customer retention, effective Loyalty/VIP programs, using CRM data to build audience segments, targeted text marketing that really works, and cross-promotions with brands. Make the most out of your marketing budget and watch your ROI grow!

Section 2. Dispensary Inventory Management: The Right Inventory, Right in Time

Your inventory is the lifeblood of your business, so make sure to have a smart buying and stocking strategy well in advance of the biggest sales day of the year. This starts with knowing your data, like sales from last 4/20, your fastest-moving products, your high-margin products, and products you need to clear out. We'll walk you through collecting data, forecasting demand, inventory best practices, and moving out unproductive SKUs.

Section 3: Sales: Creating an Omni-Channel Sales Strategy

4/20 is all about moving products and delighting customers — opening up omni-channel sales at your dispensary checks all the boxes. Get in-store, online, express pick-up, delivery, events, and phone order experiences and flows dialed in so customers get their products quickly and easily, and you can meet the increased demand (and make it look easy!)

Ultimate 4/20 Guidebook Preview

Get the Guidebook Now: The Ultimate 4/20 Dispensary Guidebook

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