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Take better care of your VIP dispensary customers blog banner image depicting B-Real signing autographs in a cannabis retail store.

How to Take Better Care of Your VIP Dispensary Customers

Go beyond loyalty rewards! Boost revenue and customer satisfaction with a holistic loyalty program for your VIP dispensary customers.

Learn six ways to retain and reward your VIP dispensary customers

Cannabis Retail Operations Best Practices from Cookies Head of Retail Crystal Milican with Meadow CEO David Hua. They discuss dispensary best practices and how to approach retail growth in the cannabis industry

Meadow Memo: Building a Successful Multi-Shop Cannabis Retail Operation

With 50 retail locations in 17 markets across 4 countries, Cookies is a globally recognized cannabis company with a family of top-selling cannabis brands including Runtz and Grandiflora. Hear how they're "blitzscaling" their retail footprint worldwide

Read more about the importance of a resilient mindset, embracing the hustle, building partnerships, managing growth, defining the customer journey, working with Berner and more

cannabis retail software analytics and inventory velocity for dispensaries

How Dispensaries Can Turn Data into More Revenue

Meadow Analytics with Premium Inventory Velocity and Insights is a new feature designed to help California dispensaries turn their data into bigger margins and more revenue.

Learn how to forecast inventory demand with precision, maximize inventory and quickly identify which products need to move with discounts and promos

How cannabis dispensaries should prepare for mergers and acquisitions in California

Cannabis M&A Summit: Getting Your Info Ready & Structuring Pricing & Partnerships

Get the lay of the land of California cannabis mergers and acquisitions, from the market to shifting industry players to valuation and market differentiation

Industry education designed to help cannabis retail operators understand and prepare for mergers & acquisitions

Joyce Cenali 
Partner & COO at Big Rock Partners and Sonoma Hills Farm, Co-Founder at  Cannabis Media Council

Alfredo Barreto
Managing Director, Investment Banking, JMP Securities LLC

Lara DeCaro 
Partner, Leland, Parachini, Steinberg, Matzger & Melnick LLP

Cassia Furman 
Partner, Vicente Sederberg LLP

Cannabis M&A Summit: Creating Deal Terms, Contracts, Equity & Licenses

Industry education and networking event designed to help cannabis retail operators understand and prepare for mergers & acquisitions

Learn more about how cannabis businesses should think about mergers and acquisitions

Licensed cannabis sales at the 2022 San Francisco carnival event powered by Meadow and Gift of Doja by Nina Parks

Historic Cannabis Sales at San Francisco's Carnaval Street Fair

The California cannabis community came together to produce and execute this first-of-it's-kind cannabis sales and consumption event at a major street fair event.

The first cannabis garden at a street fair in the state of California happened at the 44th annual Carnaval.

Meadow powered cannabis retail software for the Hippie Hill 420 licensed cannabis event with Sounds Bazaar

Meadow Cannabis Retail Software Powers The First Legal Sales at Hippie Hill

Golden Gate Park hosts its first ever 4/20 Hippie Hill event with onsite dispensary sales.

Learn more about this historic cannabis retail pop-up in San Francisco

Meadow has been building cannabis dispensary software since 2014

Smarter Cannabis Technology: What We Built for 2022

Meadow’s complete suite of connected tools provide smarter cannabis dispensary sales, marketing, inventory management, compliance, and more

Learn more about the 7 biggest launches and most recent product upgrades in the last year

Cannabis retail operations need tight cannabis security protocols, security guards and cameras to protect their dispensaries from theft and robberies

7 Ways to Protect Your Cannabis Dispensary From Break-Ins

While dispensaries may operate for years and never have a robbery take place, it is very important that cannabis retail staff understand the risks and be prepared for a worst case scenario.

Although it may be nearly impossible to prevent a criminal act at or on your facility, here are seven ways to protect your cannabis dispensary from break-ins

Social equity license holder Whitney Beatty in front of her new dispensary, Josephine and Billie's, in Los Angeles

CEO Whitney Beatty on Launching Josephine & Billie's

Whitney Beatty shares her experience as the CEO of Josephine & Billie's, the first dispensary in the country to focus on women of color.

Whitney shares her story of navigating the many hurdles of Los Angeles's social equity program to open her new dispensary