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Meadow POS at MA Flower Expo in Greenfield MA

MA Flower Expo: Showcasing Innovation in Cannabis Retail

Discover what we learned, saw, and heard at the MA Flower Expo, and how Meadow POS is shaping the future of cannabis retail.

Read more about Meadow's highlights and key takeaways from the Massachusetts Flower Expo

Retail ID and Universal Product Catalog Announced

Michigan Metrc User Exchange Event: Retail ID & Universal Product Catalog Announcement

Meadow joined Metrc at the Detroit User Exchange Event. Here's what we learned, and what's next for Michigan Cannabis.

Metrc announced updates for Michigan Retailers that will impact the entire supply chain.

A way for products to go through the supply chain without the need to relabel them - just apply a single label at the point of production and it will follow that product through its life inside and outside of Metrc.

Metrc Announces Retail ID & Universal Product Catalog at CA User Exchange Events

Meadow joined Metrc at the Santa Barbara and Irvine Roadshows. Here's what we learned, and what's next for California Cannabis.

Metrc announced updates for California Retailers that will impact the entire supply chain.

Money Management: Cannabis Dispensary Cash Flow & Financing Strategies

Money Management: Cannabis Dispensary Cash Flow & Financing Strategies

With cannabis still banned at the federal level, the lack of access to traditional funding institutions for cannabis businesses has historically created challenges for managing cash flow.

In this Meadow webinar, the teams at Stronghold, ercTree & FundCanna discuss how dispensaries can get the money they need to run and grow their business via loans, employee retention credits as well as payment processing.

Marketing tools to bring new customers into your dispensary

7 Proven Strategies to Bring New Customers into Your Dispensary

Are you looking to bring in more customers and patients through your doors? As the cannabis market continues to expand and become more competitive, dispensaries all over the country are struggling to find ways to stand out from the competition.

With the right strategies, however, it’s possible to bring in more customers and grow your dispensary business quickly and efficiently. Here are seven effective ways to do just that.

Get a comprehensive overview of your dispensary's inventory with Meadow's reporting suite.

Dispensary Data Analytics: How Meadow Reports Can Help Boost Your Business Decisions

Unlock your dispensary's potential with these 5 must-have reporting features.

Discover what POS data analysis features are must-haves for cannabis retailers

Metrc integrated and user friendly POS system Meadow makes managing inventory simple
Build customer profiles, record and analyze data, then build a marketing game plan within Meadow's all-in-one software suite

Utilizing Customer Data for Dispensary Success

Get to know your returning customers with Meadow's POS Software Suite

Learn how to use real-time customer data to help you make purchasing and marketing decisions.

Choosing a cannabis POS system is an important decision that goes beyond just searching for the lowest monthly fee. Each system offers a different approach to workflows that will affect all facets of your operations every single day, and it's an important decision as your POS system not only processes sales but interfaces with required Metrc tracking, and will affect how easy it is for your operation to remain compliant.

How to Choose a Cannabis Dispensary POS System

Smart dispensary operators in California understand the value in choosing a software that translates to fast, accurate or compliant operations.

Discover how a cannabis POS system built for your state regulatory structure can optimize your workflows

Compare cannabis dispensary POS systems including Meadow, Flowhub, Cova and more

Selecting the Right Cannabis Dispensary POS System for 2023

Running a successful dispensary in 2023 means having the right Point of Sale (POS) system and support team in place. The good news is that there are many options to choose from, but how can you know which one will best suit your store's needs?

Here we list out non-negotiable feature sets, questions to ask, and other considerations when selecting a cannabis POS system for your business so you can make an informed decision with confidence.