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Meadow Cannabis Retail Software Powers The First Legal Sales at Hippie Hill

Golden Gate Park hosts its first ever 4/20 Hippie Hill event with onsite dispensary sales.

Learn more about this historic cannabis retail pop-up in San Francisco

Smarter Cannabis Technology: What We Built for 2022

Meadow’s complete suite of connected tools provide smarter cannabis dispensary sales, marketing, inventory management, compliance, and more

Learn more about the 7 biggest launches and most recent product upgrades in the last year

7 Ways to Protect Your Cannabis Dispensary From Break-Ins

While dispensaries may operate for years and never have a robbery take place, it is very important that cannabis retail staff understand the risks and be prepared for a worst case scenario.

Although it may be nearly impossible to prevent a criminal act at or on your facility, here are seven ways to protect your cannabis dispensary from break-ins

CEO Whitney Beatty on Launching Josephine & Billie's

Whitney Beatty shares her experience as the CEO of Josephine & Billie's, the first dispensary in the country to focus on women of color.

Whitney shares her story of navigating the many hurdles of Los Angeles's social equity program to open her new dispensary

2022 Tax Season: Cannabis CPAs Share What California Dispensaries Should Look Out For

In this webinar with cannabis CPAs Patrick Finnegan and Peter DeGregori, review common tax liability issues with cannabis retail operations, 280-E planning, and steps to take to avoid compliance and accounting problems.

Watch the recording or read the transcript to ensure your cannabis dispensary is ready for tax day

The Ultimate 4/20 Dispensary Guide

Meadow's Ultimate 4/20 Dispensary Guidebook is a 28-page resource that covers marketing, inventory and omni-channel sales for cannabis retail operations.

Get your cannabis retail operation prepared for the biggest sales day of the year with this in-depth guidebook

Why California Dispensaries Need A California-Specific POS for Compliant Sales

Smart dispensary operators in California understand the value in choosing a software that translates to fast, accurate or compliant operations.

Discover how a cannabis POS system built for your state regulatory structure can optimize your workflows

5 Tips for Cannabis Retail Forecasting & Smart Inventory Buying

An expert cannabis buyer and planner team share five key takeaways to consider when thinking about how to plan your product offerings at a new dispensary or delivery service.  

Discover what dispensary buyers and planners should consider when planning an inventory assortment

How Compliance and Dispensary Inventory Management Dictates Your Cannabis Retail Store Flow

Because the cannabis retail space is so highly regulated, it's essential to consider how compliance and inventory management will affect the way customers shop with you.

Review the three of the most common dispensary store models, including the pros and cons of each

Insight Into 2021 CDTFA Tax Audits & Tax Issues in the California Cannabis Supply Chain

CDTFA is starting to use Metrc variance as a means of audit up and down the California supply chain, which means having a system that keeps you fully compliant is more important than ever.

Get insight into how to prepare for tax audits in California cannabis