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Upgrade your cannabis retail point of sale system to Meadow

Building the Best Dispensary POS: New Tools & Features for 2023

Sell more cannabis with less work, using Meadow's connected cannabis retail, delivery, eCommerce, CRM, and marketing platform—designed to grow with you.

Read more about the biggest improvements and most recent product upgrades to our point of sale platform in the last year

Compare cannabis dispensary POS systems including Meadow, Flowhub, Cova and more

How to Choose a Cannabis Dispensary POS System for 2023

Running a successful dispensary in 2023 means having the right Point of Sale (POS) system and support team in place. The good news is that there are many options to choose from, but how can you know which one will best suit your store's needs?

Here we list out non-negotiable feature sets, questions to ask, and other considerations when selecting a cannabis POS system for your business so you can make an informed decision with confidence.

Ensure your taxes are properly structured within your cannabis POS system

Are You Prepared for California's New Excise Tax Calculation?

The excise tax calculation changed on January 1, 2023, from 26.25% of the wholesale cost to 15% of the retail sale price. Review these tax calculations to ensure you're set up for accurate tax collection and remittance.

Review how you're calculating your excise tax compounding, prices, and profit margin to take into account California's new excise tax structure.

Marketing tools to bring new customers into your dispensary

7 Effective Ways to Bring New Customers Into Your Dispensary

Are you looking to bring in more customers and patients through your doors? As the cannabis market continues to expand and become more competitive, dispensaries all over the country are struggling to find ways to stand out from the competition.

With the right strategies, however, it’s possible to bring in more customers and grow your dispensary business quickly and efficiently. Here are seven effective ways to do just that.

Build customer profiles, record and analyze data, then build a marketing game plan within Meadow's all-in-one software suite

How to Identify Customer Purchasing Trends & Next Steps

Get to know your returning customers with Meadow's POS Software Suite

Learn how to use real-time customer data to help you make purchasing and marketing decisions.

Best Cannabis POS software Meadow can help you track staff performance to increase sales averages

Track Staff Performance in Cannabis Retail with Meadow

Want to see which of your employees are doing the most to boost your bottom line?

Read more to learn more about the Meadow's reporting capabilities

Best dispensary point of sale system Meadow offers reporting capabilities that can be used to track sales data.

Create Sales Contests and Track Results using Meadow Reports

Friendly sales competitions are a great way to motivate your staff to sell more products!

Fire up your sales with a budtender challenge and track the results using Meadow Reports

Teach your staff how to use your dispensary POS software with automated curriculum around point of sale, e-commerce, inventory and more

How to Create A New-Hire Training & Onboarding Plan for Your Dispensary Staff

Are you and your team properly training budtenders and other front of house staff to set them up for long-term success?

With every Meadow subscription, you get a library of free training modules for everyone from budtenders to buyers to make it quick and efficient for your entire team to understand new workflows

Meadow is selected as the best cannabis POS system by Green Market Report

Meadow Awarded Best Retail Tech at the Green Market Report Tech Awards

We are honored to receive the award for Best Retail Tech at the first-ever Green Market Report Tech Summit.

Read more about why our all-in-one cannabis retail technology was selected for this award

Take better care of your VIP dispensary customers blog banner image depicting B-Real signing autographs in a cannabis retail store.

How to Take Better Care of Your VIP Dispensary Customers

Go beyond loyalty rewards! Boost revenue and customer satisfaction with a holistic loyalty program for your VIP dispensary customers.

Learn six ways to retain and reward your VIP dispensary customers