Three Greens Collective Dispensary in CA

Three Greens Collective is a locally-owned and operated cannabis dispensary in Calexico, CA, committed to providing high-quality cannabis products and exceptional customer service to the community. Founded in 2017, Three Greens Collective prides itself on offering a wide variety of products at all price points, establishing itself as a trusted retail location for everyone from occasional cannabis users to seasoned connoisseurs, with almost 450 5 star reviews on Weedmaps:

Three Greens Collective Powered by Meadow Case Study

Since 2021, Three Greens Collective was powered by Meadow’s cannabis POS software, but switched briefly to a different point of sale system; they were promised new features, but after just a few months on the other system, they were frustrated to learn that those new promised tools were still in beta testing, or were simply not yet built.

They quickly decided to return to Meadow.

In this Q&A with Creative Director Oscar Valles, we will take a closer look at how Three Greens thinks about POS functionality and workflows, and the importance of compliance and maintaining inventory accuracy.

Three Greens Collective Powered by Meadow

Q: What were the pain points or issues you experienced on the other cannabis POS system you tried?

A: “When we started using Treez, the transition from Meadow’s iPad based Mac OS software to Windows was a challenging and expensive process for our business. Many of our existing equipment was not compatible due to incorrect driver settings, which added to the overall cost of the transition. Setting up the new system was a significant undertaking. I had to take matters into my own hands and configure every computer, scanner, receipt printer, and register individually. The process of installing drivers for each device was time-consuming and cumbersome."

“We also experienced difficulty with the Treez METRC integration and keeping our business compliant. The point of sale system didn’t meet our needs. We missed the simplicity of using Meadow and wished we had never switched.”
-Oscar Valles, Creative Director, Three Greens Collective

Q: What was your experience with the Meadow switchover onboarding process after making the switch? How long did it take?

A: “Onboarding with Meadow was simple. The switchover process only took 2-3 days with Meadow’s implementation team. Since I had the hardware set aside from before, the setup was simple. Plug and play. Download the iOS app. No troubleshooting required.”

When you switch from one point of sale platform to Meadow, you will work with our expert implementation team to ensure you start fresh on Meadow with accurate data.

Here’s what the onboarding process looks like:

  1. Our team will evaluate your Metrc health, and help you rectify any compliance issues before importing your product and customer lists. Look for compliance red flags using this easy checklist.
  2. To avoid downtime in sales, after your dispensary closes, we’ll import your inventory and connect your Metrc account to Meadow to get you set to begin operations the next day.
  3. Quickly train your team using self-paced video courses and robust support from Meadow’s customer service team.

Not all cannabis software systems are created equally

After launch, Meadow’s support chat provides live agent responses in less than 5 minutes. Schedule personal follow up calls, join regularly scheduled webinars for ongoing education and best practices, refer to our constantly growing help center and view new updates in Meadow’s Changelog.

Q: Would you recommend Meadow’s cannabis POS to other dispensary operators?

A: "Meadow takes care of all the work to ensure that you don't get in trouble for any minor mistakes. This is important because not everyone in the dispensary is as tech savvy as others. The user interface is well-organized, making navigation simple. There are video tutorials for almost everything in Meadow. The hardware requires little to no maintenance. The marketing and CRM platform are important to us and one of our favorite features.”

"In the cannabis industry, mistakes can be costly. Meadow ensures that you are METRC compliant, reducing the risk of errors. By doing the heavy lifting, Meadow guarantees our safety and compliance. We no longer feel like we have to tread carefully. When compared to alternative systems, compliance management is much easier with Meadow." -Oscar Valles, Creative Director, Three Greens Collective

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Three Greens Collective Dispensary's Meadow POS: the ultimate dispensary solution

The Grass is Greener with Meadow’s Streamlined, Connected System

At Three Greens Collective, Meadow’s dispensary point of sale software plays a crucial role in streamlining their day to day operations. With the help of Meadow's premium analytics and reporting, they can easily access daily sales, customer demographics, and product velocity data. This data is instrumental in making important decisions for their dispensary's purchasing and marketing efforts. They can quickly identify hot-selling products and understand customer preferences and behaviors to create targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with their audience.

The cannabis marketing platform is another powerful tool that Three Greens Collective uses to get the most out of their customer data. They can send targeted marketing campaigns and advertise deals to their customer base based on demographics, order history, and more. This means that they can tailor their marketing messages to each customer's unique preferences and behaviors, which leads to higher engagement and better ROI for their marketing campaigns. Read more: The Power of Marketing Segments

Three Greens Collective Ecommerce Dispensary Menu powered by Meadow

Three Greens Collective also makes use of Meadow's embedded menu on their website, an ecommerce solution tied directly to their cannabis retail software, which helps them drive pick-up and delivery orders. By utilizing Meadow's dynamic delivery platform, they can offer standard delivery operations to all of Imperial County and two express delivery zones, which not only brings more value to their delivery platform but also leads to faster orders and a decrease in overhead. This means that their customers can get their orders quickly and efficiently, without having to endure long wait times. Read more: California Cannabis Regulatory Changes: Delivery Trunk Sizes Increase to $10K

Efficiency at its finest: Three Greens Collective Dispensary uses Meadow POS

Meadow's dispensary inventory management system is another feature that Three Greens Collective relies on heavily. They can manage multiple inventory locations between backstock and the retail floor, as well as build driver kits. Being able to quickly reference real-time inventory values in a user-friendly interface means that they can make better informed decisions about their purchasing and stocking strategies. They can also maintain compliance with Meadow's built-in safeguards, such as daily purchase limits, to ensure that they are always in line with the latest regulations. Three Greens Collective can ensure Metrc accuracy and avoid critical Metrc errors with Meadow's cannabis compliance software and reliable integration. This not only saves them time but also helps them avoid costly compliance issues that could negatively impact their business.

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