B2B Hash Showcase at Meadow HQ

Our recent B2B Hash Showcase at Meadow HQ was a celebration of the community and craftsmanship that define California hash making. As part of SF Hash Week, this event brought together legacy farmers, master hash makers, and local retailers to connect, share exceptional hash, and dive deep into the art of master hash making. We were joined by The Sensi Society, Bay Care Delivery, Vapor Room, and more, who all had the opportunity to meet with the OGs and legacy brands to prepare purchase orders in anticipation of 7/10.

B2B Hash Event at Meadow HQ

What is Hash and Its History?

Hash, or hashish, is a concentrated form of cannabis made by compressing or purifying the resin glands of the cannabis plant, known as trichomes. This powerful concentrate has been produced and consumed for centuries, with deep roots in regions like India, Nepal, Turkey, and Egypt. Hash offers a potent way to experience the full effects of the cannabis plant, capturing its essence in a compact form.

What is Hash?

Connecting Growers and Makers with Their Customers

In the California cannabis industry, growers and makers face significant barriers to marketing and direct sales due to stringent regulations. Traditional marketing channels and direct consumer interactions are restricted, making it challenging for small, craft businesses to connect with customers. Events like the B2B Hash Showcase provide a platform to highlight these artisans, shine a light on their exceptional products, and keep the craft alive in California.

By creating opportunities for growers and makers to connect with customers and retailers, we help their products reach a broader audience. This exposure is essential for sustaining the craft cannabis industry, fostering innovation, and maintaining the rich heritage of hash making. Such events also promote a sense of community and shared purpose, reinforcing the importance of supporting local, small-scale producers.

B2B Hash Event

B2B Hash Showcase at Meadow HQ: Event Highlights

Here’s a breakdown of some of the standout brands and products that made this event unforgettable:

Nasha Extracts

Oakland Extracts

Nasha Extracts:

Known for their premium hash and live rosin extracts, Nasha introduced their new Rosin Bars at the showcase. These bars deliver Moroccan Peaches at the perfect temperature, ensuring true-to-plant flavors with robust clouds. This innovative product underscores Nasha’s commitment to excellence and flavor purity. @NashaExtracts

Ember Valley

Ember Valley:

Ember Valley's table was a hub of excitement, with their Orange Peas and Northern Fire live rosin, cultivated in Shasta Lake, stealing the show. The sweet and tangy citrus of Orange Peas and the spicy, herbal notes of Northern Fire left a lasting impression. @EmberValley

Oakland Extracts

Oakland Extracts:

Terryn Buxton highlighted the importance of having space to showcase craft products to customers and the community. Exposure and connection are essential to the survival of small, craft businesses in the industry. @OaklandExtracts

Emerald Valley Hash


Errl Hill:

Errl Hill Extracts is a single-source, family-run farm and hash company. Led by legacy farmer Scott Harris, the team produces award-winning live resin and live rosin using cannabis flowers grown exclusively on their farm in the heart of Humboldt County. @Errl Hill

Arcata Fire Hash

Forte Hash

Arcata Fire:

Arcata Fire brought out massive jars of R&D products to share with attendees, evoking memories of the old days. Their Ridge Line Rosin Moroccan Peaches jar was so potent and fruity, it was almost overwhelming. @Arcata Fire

Sauce Table


Their new live rosin Bursts were a hit, offering a perfect option for edible enthusiasts. Additionally, their Super White Widow vape, with its sweet and spicy notes, was a crowd favorite. @Sauce

Revive Purelife

Revive Pure Life:

Promoting a pure and healthy lifestyle, Revive Pure Life’s solventless extracts and organic chocolates are top-shelf products designed for health-conscious individuals. Their commitment to quality and wellness is evident in every product they offer. @RevivePureLife

Holy Water Hash

Holy Water:

Holy Water introduced their innovative split jar, featuring two half grams of the same strain processed differently. This product allows users to experience and compare the distinct effects and flavors of live rosin and live resin. @HolyWater

Heritage Hash

Heritage Hash:

The Moroccan Peach Panther, with its fruity and herbal flavors and dense resin, stood out as a testament to tradition and legacy. Heritage Hash continues to honor the rich history of hashmaking with every product they create. @HeritageHash

Forte Blue Zushi


Forte announced an exciting expansion into a new flower line, promising robust flavors true to their genetic origins. This move aims to cater to a wider audience while maintaining the high standards they are known for. @Forte

Hash and Flowers

Hash and Flowers:

Their Ichigojamu Live Rosin, combining Strawnana and Lemon OG, delivered a sweet, fresh-pressed strawberry jam flavor that was both uplifting and invigorating. @HashandFlowers

Moon Valley Cannabis

Hash and Flowers

Moon Valley Cannabis:

Known for their standout strain, Neon Panther, Moon Valley Cannabis impressed with their commitment to sustainability. Their small-batch, handcrafted indoor flower is grown using 100% renewable energy and natural farming principles. @MoonValleyCannabis

San Francisco Hash Week

710, or 7/10, is considered a “stoner” holiday for consuming cannabis oil products, dabs, or concentrates. The term 710 rotated upside down spells OIL, a word used to describe highly potent cannabis products such as hash oil, shatter, wax, and so on. The holiday occurs on July 10th - Weedmaps

Looking Ahead to 7/10

We're partnering with SF Hash Week to host several events to celebrate with the community. Here's the full schedule.

Meadow's journey with craft California hash began with Frenchy Cannoli and his award-winning Key Lime Reserve. Our CEO, Hua, learned directly from the master himself about the history and techniques of Frenchy's signature ice water hash and temple balls, enjoying some of the best conversations around his hookah. Catching up with Madame Cannoli and Belle, his apprentice-turned-master, at the Hash Showcase was a true highlight. If you haven’t seen Frenchy’s documentary film, FRENCHY DREAMS OF HASHISH, we highly recommend it. Join us for a screening as part of SF Hash Week on July 11th at Meadow HQ.

Frenchy Cannoli and Madame Cannoli

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the incredible producers and innovators who shared their craft at the B2B Hash Showcase. Your dedication to excellence keeps the art of cannabis cultivation vibrant and evolving.

SF Hash Week

Special shoutout to David Downs, the creative force behind SF Weed Week, for bringing our community together in celebration.

This showcase was just the beginning. We look forward to continuing to support and celebrate the legacy and future of cannabis. The passion, expertise, and camaraderie displayed at Meadow HQ reinforce our commitment to fostering a thriving, innovative cannabis community.

Thank you for being part of this journey. 🌿✨

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