- Carefully Select Team Permissions to take better control of your Cannabis Dispensary

In the dynamic world of cannabis retail, managing a dispensary involves not just overseeing sales and compliance but ensuring operational efficiency and security at every level.

This is where Meadow's Team Permissions comes into play, offering unparalleled control over your dispensary's software and data systems. By carefully assigning permissions based on staff roles, dispensaries can minimize risks, optimize operations, and enhance customer service.

Benefits of Team Permissions

  • More Control Over Your Business: By defining who can access specific features, functions, or data, you gain tighter control over your dispensary operations.
  • Fewer Mistakes: Limiting access to sensitive operations like price changes or inventory adjustments reduces the risk of human error.
  • Customized Access: You can hide sensitive financial data or restrict access to certain functionalities, ensuring staff members only see what they need to.

New Permissions in Meadow

Meadow has expanded its permissions settings, offering more detailed control over various aspects of dispensary operations. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Products and Inventory Management: Customize who can edit products, prices, and inventory, including viewing inventory value.
  • Order and Customer Interactions: Decide who can edit or cancel orders and modify customer loyalty points.
  • Operational Insights and Reporting: With individual report permissions, you can tailor access to specific reports, enhancing data security and relevance.

Carefully Select Team Permissions to take better control of your Cannabis Dispensary

Dispensary Owners

Full Permissions

Dispensary Owners should typically have unrestricted access to all aspects of the POS system. In most cases, Dispensary Owners juggle multiple roles from financial oversight, managing leadership roles and most importantly ensuring that the dispensary thrives in this dynamic industry. If multiple owners are involved at your dispensary, decide amongst yourself what permission levels each owner needs.

General Manager / Operations Manager

Full permissions or permissions tailored to managerial tasks.

Essential permissions include Products, Inventory, Shifts, Orders, Customers, Reports and Settings, along with the Manager permission.

General Managers or Operation Managers are the day-to-day backbone of every cannabis dispensary. Their daily tasks include managing entire teams, products and inventory, reporting and analytics, driving sales across multiple channels, and adhering to compliance regulations. Ensure that these lead positions have access to all aspects of Meadow that relate to their role.

Customizing Team Permissions for Optimal Cannabis Dispensary Management

Purchasing Manager

Limited Access: View Inventory and Edit Inventory permissions.

Optional: Edit Retail Prices for Products and Inventory Reports Access

Purchasing managers typically oversee the inventory department and in order to do so, they need access to view inventory values, costs and reports. This admin should be able to view Metrc packages and the ability to create new purchase orders or mark invoices as paid within your point of sale system.

As the dispensary owner or general manager, you can tailor permissions for inventory and purchasing managers. With a choice of over 30 individual report permissions, you can fine-tune access to suit specific needs.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to grant access to Meadow's Premium Insights and Velocity tool based on the requirements of the role and the organization's workflow. Read more about The Power of Data Analysis: How Meadow Reports Can Help Boost Your Business Decisions

Inventory Manager

Limited Access: View Inventory and Edit Inventory permissions.

Optional: Edit Retail Prices for Products and Inventory Reports Access

The Inventory Manager role is focused on overseeing inventory tasks exclusively. They have access to view and edit inventory, allowing them to monitor stock levels, conduct audits, and manage product movements efficiently. The inventory manager should have access to Cycle Counts so they can perform routine audits on inventory as enforced by state regulators.

The Importance of Staff Permissions at Marijuana Dispensaries

Floor/Shift Manager

Limited Access: View Orders, Edit Orders Access, Customers Access, and Manager permission.

Optional: Shifts permission for accessing shift details at the POS and/or cancel order access.

Floor Leads or Shift Managers are focused on ensuring that the staff who makes up the retail floor team is able to execute sales and check-in customers efficiently. During breaks, retail floor managers need to be able to cover budtender or customer check-in roles.

Additionally, it could be helpful for retail managers to have access to manager-related permissions like custom discounts, overrides, and shifts access to view open drawers and cash balances. Depending on your dispensary operations, you may or may not allow your shift leads to have access to some of these settings.

Read more about how Team Permissions can impact your Dispensary Opening or Closing Procedures.

Front Desk (Customer Intake)

Limited Access: Customers Access permission only. Enables front desk staff to create and edit customer profiles.

The Front Desk (Customer Intake) role is tailored for the frontline staff responsible for customer interactions. With access limited to Customers, they can efficiently create and manage customer profiles, ensuring accurate record-keeping and personalized service. They do not need access to product lists or inventory values unless you find that important for this role.


Limited Access: Order Access, Edit Orders Access, and Customers Access permissions. Allows budtenders to manage orders and customer profiles.

Budtenders play a crucial role in assisting customers and processing orders. With access to Orders and Edit Orders, as well as Customers, they can efficiently manage orders and customer profiles, ensuring smooth transactions and excellent service at the point of sale. They do not need access to view drawer/shift balances, inventory cost values, or cancel order access.

Order Fulfillment (Packing)

Limited Access: Orders Access and Edit Orders permissions. Enables marking orders as packed within the POS or through the iOS packing tool.

The Order Fulfillment (Packing) role focuses on efficiently managing the packing process to fulfill customer orders. With access to Orders and Edit Orders, team members can mark orders as packed directly within the POS or through the designated iOS packing tool, ensuring accurate and timely order fulfillment. This role is typically side-work for budtenders or delivery dispatchers, and not often an independent role at the average dispensary.

Ways a Dispensary POS System Helps Manage Staff

Delivery Dispatch

Limited Access: Orders Access, Edit Orders, and Customers Access permissions. Facilitates order assignment, driver management, and updates to delivery details.

The Delivery Dispatch role is essential for managing the delivery process effectively. With access to Orders, Edit Orders, and Customers, team members can efficiently assign orders to drivers, oversee driver management tasks, and update delivery details as needed. This ensures smooth coordination and timely delivery of orders to customers. They typically do not need cancel order access or any inventory or product related access. They should only be managing newly created orders and the delivery team.

Delivery Driver

Limited Access: Orders Access for viewing orders list.

The Delivery Driver role is focused on the execution of deliveries efficiently. With access limited to Orders, drivers can view their assigned orders and necessary delivery details. They may not require direct access to the POS if external driver management tools like Onfleet are utilized, ensuring a streamlined process for order fulfillment and delivery.

Other Roles

Limited Access: Determine permissions based on specific responsibilities.

For roles not covered by predefined templates, permissions should be tailored according to the specific responsibilities of the individual. For example, accountants or auditors may require access to financial reports and transaction histories exclusively, ensuring they can fulfill their duties effectively without unnecessary access to unrelated functionalities. With Meadow, you can select from 30 available reports, the daily dashboard and/or Insights to offer incredibly limited access for these unique one-off roles.

By carefully tailoring permissions to match the responsibilities of each role, dispensaries can ensure that team members have access to the tools and information they need to perform their duties effectively while minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data. Whether it's empowering managers with comprehensive access to oversee daily operations or providing limited access to specific functionalities for frontline staff, the implementation of role-based permissions plays a vital role in promoting smooth and compliant dispensary operations. Through thoughtful consideration of role requirements and permissions, dispensaries can optimize workflow processes, enhance productivity, and ultimately deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Why Team Permissions Matter

Implementing Team Permissions ensures operational security, reduces errors, and aligns each team member’s access with their responsibilities. Meadow makes setting up permissions straightforward, so you can quickly and easily manage and customize access.

Meadow: Your Partner in Cannabis Dispensary Management

Meadow’s all-in-one dispensary point-of-sale software solution is tailored for the cannabis industry, offering features that support retail and delivery services with an emphasis on efficiency, compliance, and profitability. By choosing Meadow, you’re not just selecting a POS system; you’re empowering your dispensary with the tools and information needed to thrive in a competitive market.

In conclusion, the introduction of Team Permissions by Meadow represents a significant step forward in cannabis dispensary management. It allows for a more refined, secure, and efficient operation, ensuring that every team member contributes to the success of the dispensary within their specific role. With Meadow, setting up your team with the right permissions is not just easy; it's a strategic move towards operational excellence.

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