Since 2014 Meadow has worked hand in hand with dispensaries and delivery services of all sizes across the state of California to build a beautiful, intuitive, easy to use, easy to learn cannabis retail software system.

Every year, Meadow continues to optimize operational workflows and build new tools to help cannabis dispensaries sell more cannabis with less work. Here's a breakdown of what we've added to our all-in-one system in just the last 12 months:

The 7+ Biggest Recent Updates to Meadow's Connected Cannabis Retail System

1. Dynamic Delivery Launch

Meadow’s Dynamic Delivery platform (also known as Ice Cream Truck or Trunk by Trunk Delivery) makes cannabis delivery more efficient and profitable by allowing vehicles to operate as their own inventory locations with customizable zones, automatic dispatching, and per vehicle inventory and menus. Learn more about our new cannabis delivery software. Dynamic cannabis delivery software

2. Meadow Analytics: Inventory Velocity + Premium Insights Launch

Our 2.0 analytics package is a major upgrade that makes it easier to forecast purchasing with precision using inventory velocity, understand your sales channels and customers in greater depth, and see product, brand, and category performance in an instant.

cannabis dispensary POS software analytics

3. Kiosk Mode Launch

With Meadow's iPad-based POS and new kiosk-mode workflows, it's easy to conveniently make advanced sales! Want to set up a standalone iPad or tablet for your customers to place orders? Now you can with the new kiosk mode for the menu embed. Customers can create profiles, sign in and place orders for in-store pickup or delivery. The kiosk also works with guest checkout; if a customer doesn't complete their order or forgets to log out, the kiosk will reset automatically to the home page, clearing the cart and logging out any customer if logged in.

Cannabis retail kiosk software

4. Quickbooks Integration For Streamlined Accounting

Meadow has teamed up with the team at Alembic to bring you an integration with QB Desktop and now QB Online. Create accounting activity in QuickBooks with ease; import data once a day, once a week or once a month. Meadow reports paired with Quickbooks makes it easy for dispensaries to manage their books.

Quickbooks integrated with Meadow cannabis retail software

5. Google Tag Manager (GTM) Integration

Meadow's integration with Google Tag Manager helps you understand your customer's online shopping behaviors. You can learn a lot about how your customers interact with your dispensary eCommerce menu by using Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track how they navigate your site. With Meadow's GTM integration, you can now track events like product impressions, views and clicks; products added to/removed from the cart; and checkouts and purchases completed! GTM data can help you improve the online ordering experience for your customers, optimize your product mix and boost basket sizes.

Google Tag Manager with Meadow cannabis POS

6. New Text Marketing Segments

We've added NEW audience segments to our cannabis marketing tool so you can target customers by brand or subcategory purchased, ZIP code, birthday, referral source, age, and more. Break customers into meaningful groups to send relevant SMS and MMS messages that will drive sales, repeat customers, and ROI.

Cannabis marketing segmentation

7. New Inventory Discrepancy Report

Meadow’s robust reporting system continues to get even smarter, now with more than 20 exportable reports to help dispensaries understand all aspects of their business.

California Department of Cannabis Control regulations require you to count your inventory at least monthly and to ensure you do not have a significant discrepancy in inventory. "A significant discrepancy in inventory means a difference in actual inventory compared to records pertaining to inventory of at least 3 percent of the average monthly sales of the licensee." (see § 5034. Significant Discrepancy in Inventory for more detail). This latest report calculates your acceptable threshold and shows how accurate your inventory is relative to that limit using discrepancy measurements at the product, option and package levels. Meadow's cannabis compliance software is helps you keep track of your inventory to maintain compliance, reduce loss, and avoid an audit by the DCC.

Inventory discrepancy report for cannabis dispensaries

Bonus: Add a Pass Through Excise Tax

Want to show pre-tax pricing on your menu? For dispensaries that want to show the lowest prices, it's now easy to break out excise tax as a separate line, which gets added to the total at checkout. Excise tax pass through

Plus: Hundreds of other quality of life upgrades, while maintaining 99.99% uptime

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We continue to pro-actively make Meadow's all-in-one POS system better, based on feedback from the 200 cannabis retail operators we support across California.

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