Meadow's new cannabis delivery system is here!

Standard hub-and-spoke delivery requires trips back and forth between the inventory hub to pick up orders. Tried and true, but without a lot of flexibility or ability to scale. Dynamic Delivery (also called ice cream truck or trunk by trunk delivery) makes each vehicle its own inventory hub, with a designated service area and customized menu offerings. Now you can eliminate the back and forth trips for blazing-fast delivery, assign vehicles to customized zones, drawn to your exact specifications, and auto dispatch, so orders are automatically assigned to vehicles without human intervention.

As TechCrunch reported, Meadow’s new Dynamic Delivery helped Cannable cut delivery times from hours to 20 minutes. How? The delivery vehicle is stocked with pot available for purchase, and customers can order, through an app, directly from the car in their neighborhood. Think of it like an ice cream truck with a modern online ordering system. But, instead of serving gelato treats and Creamsicles, these mobile dispensaries are slinging eighths of Gelato and Creamsicle.

Discover how this smart new cannabis delivery software can broaden your reach, scale your operations, and sell more cannabis to more customers.

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An iPad running Meadow's Point of Sale system