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Meadow's new Dynamic Delivery platform allows vehicles to operate as roaming mini-dispensaries with precise geofencing, automatic dispatching of drivers, customized menus, real-time inventory reporting, and geo-targeted SMS marketing for the fastest, most powerful cannabis delivery experience available.

Dynamic Delivery allows vehicles to become independent inventory locations that roam within a geographic zone, taking orders as they are placed. With just a vehicle, a driver, and a few clicks, Meadow users can create a fully compliant, customized mobile dispensary anywhere in California.

The value of this can't be overstated: this is a fully compliant, low-cost way to scale operations, expand margins, and provide fast delivery anywhere in California.

Here are five ways this new cannabis delivery system can help you save time and keep more cash in your pocket at the end of the day.

1) Eliminate the Time, Cost, and Labor of Manual Dispatching

Dynamic delivery vehicles operate as independent inventory locations. with customized product offerings, online menus, and geo-targeted marketing campaigns to generate real-time demand. Vehicles can be automatically dispatched when orders in their zone are placed and fulfill those orders directly without having to travel back to a storefront or inventory hub. Once the item is purchased by the customer, a task is autogenerated in Onfleet and auto-assigned if there's a single driver in the region. This means less manual labor for your dispatcher, allowing that employee to focus on more revenue-generating or creative tasks.

2) Reach Underserved Customers & Expand Your Reach

65% of California still does not yet have legal cannabis retail. A key component of Meadow’s Dynamic Delivery is customizable delivery zones that can be drawn to exact specifications — as large or as small as a retailer likes, meaning you can easily target the entire next county over or just a few key zip codes a bit further out than you would serve with a hub-and-spoke model. Your drivers have increased ability to roam new regions with up to $5k of product ready to sell. This means you can promote your business in adjacent regions to your local customers, helping serve a wider segment with decentralized inventory, creating a larger customer base, more access and faster delivery to customers who may not be used to being able to order products to their homes.

Cannabis delivery software zone mapping

3) Set Up Delivery to Serve Local Events with Onsite Sales

It's now incredibly easy for retailers to partner with venues or brick-and-mortar businesses like hotels to set up kiosks with a menu and a dedicated delivery vehicle. Simply create a delivery zone that's one location only and set up a vehicle stocked with up to $5k of grab-and-go products. Add signage to your event encouraging guests to order online and head to a VIP delivery zone. This model would work anywhere from a Giant’s baseball stadium to Golden Gate Park during Outside Lands; simply draw a delivery zone and have a drop area. It's never been easier to have onsite cannabis sales, compliantly, at events across California — without the costs and red tape of using an events license.

4) Create a Dedicated Delivery Vehicle for Brand Partners

Retailers can now partner with a brand eager to capitalize on direct-to-consumer opportunities. This new structure unlocks new creative possibilities of how brands and dispensaries work together to reach customers in new ways. For instance, during the upcoming LA Marathon, a retailer could collaborate with Papa & Barkley to have a delivery vehicle full of Releaf Balm and other topicals readily available at the end of the race. For exposure, Papa & Barkley might consider hiring onsite masseuses giving out free infused massages with a flyer to order their own P&B products. The retailer benefits if the brand provides deeply discounted products (say $1/unit instead of $10), and/or they pay a $5,000 product sponsorship, and they’re also bringing new customers into their ecosystem who can be nurtured with loyalty offers and future special promos.

5) Send Targeted Text Campaigns to Customers In The Zip Code Your Car with Inventory is Roaming

Meadow's CRM and SMS functionality allows you to send geo-targeted cannabis marketing campaigns to targeted segments of your customers. Have a delivery driver with lots of Kiva dark chocolate bars in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood? Send customers in that delivery region a promo code for $5 off for that day only to help move that specific product.

cannabis marketing text messages

In short: Meadow's new delivery system has no limit to how fast you can deliver to customers or how much you can scale delivery operations.

Dynamic Delivery builds on Meadow's full stack of dispensary POS software, which brings sales, inventory, loyalty, analytics, delivery, eCommerce, CRM, marketing, and compliance under one roof.

The integrated system is a powerful example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, with an omnichannel sales ecosystem that goes beyond POS to help retailers identity and capitalize on opportunities for sales, retention, and growth. This is how retailers really compete.

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Dynamic Delivery launched as a freemium feature, with the cost of operating a single vehicle baked-in to Meadow’s cannabis retail system packages. There's never been a better time to launch a new delivery operation or upgrade your current SOPs to earn more revenue as a cannabis retailer.

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