Introducing Meadow Payments: Fast, secure, cashless transactions using PIN-based debit

The Meadow Payments integration is your one-stop-shop for fast, secure, and compliant cashless transactions with PIN-based debit. Enjoy the cheapest rates for compliant debit processing with funds always flowing directly to your bank account.

Cannabis payments integrated debit for dispensaries

Our debit payment integration provides secure debit transactions that cut out high-risk middlemen, eliminate rounding with to-the-penny precision, and promotes bigger sales. Debit payments automatically sync with Meadow's POS for easy cashless transactions (and tips!)

Benefits of Meadow Payments

  • Easy, secure debit transactions
  • Cheapest rate for compliant debit
  • No high-risk middlemen
  • No rounding with to-the-penny precision
  • Larger carts
  • Bigger sales
  • Funds flow directly to your account
  • And best of all many merchants have an effective cost of $0 to get started

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Say goodbye to rounding errors with to-the-penny precision. Say hello to more money in your bank account.

cannabis payment processing compliant debit card processing

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