Cannabis Software That Takes the Work Out of Leafly Menu Updates

Meadow's cannabis software syncs your menu on Leafly with real-time inventory data from your dispensary. Simplify menu updates and reduce manual labor for your team by turning on automatic inventory updates to track inventory in real time across platforms. This means more efficient workflows for dispensaries and a more pleasant shopping experience for customers.

A budtender at Coast to Coast Canoga Park uses the cannabis POS to complete a transaction
Leafly is looking to offer customers and patients the most streamlined experience with complete accuracy, and integrating with POS systems like Meadow ensures that menus are always up to date and compliant. Our partnership with Meadow means that Leafly’s menus are automatically updated as dispensaries input new information. Customers and patients will know that their favorite products are available thanks to this technology.
Paul Barry
Paul Barry
Chief Technology Officer

Key Benefits of the Leafly and Meadow Integration

Reliable Data Across Sales Channels

Leafly’s menus are automatically updated as dispensaries input new information or sell products. Trust that the information about your inventory is always up-to-date on all platforms.

Reduce Unnecessary Manual Labor

Save time and money by reducing tedious data entry so you can re-assign your staff more valuable tasks. Connect Meadow's cannabis software with Leafly and let the integration do the work for you.

Keep Customers Happy

Customers looking to purchase legal products in their area will always know when their favorite products are available, no matter where they’re shopping.

The Meadow integration with Leafly is a big time saver for us as a business. Being able to see what’s coming into the store through our POS system and translating that data back into external platforms where the customer is shopping on a day to day basis is important. It allows customers to see directly what’s in our inventory, which has helped tremendously with our efficiency across the board.
Steven Murray
Steven Murray
Marketing Director
Coast to Coast
The counter at Coast to Coast, with a budtender and customer

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