Smarter Cannabis Marketing & CRM to Drive ROI and Sales

Grow your business by nurturing your best customers with targeted text marketing campaigns. Put your customer data to work and take the guess-work out of your marketing to drive repeat purchases, larger basket sizes, and increase lifetime customer value.

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Key Features of Meadow’s Cannabis Marketing and CRM

A screenshot of Meadow's cannabis marketing text message editor composing an SMS with a special offer for edibles
The customer segmentation feature of Meadow's cannabis marketing software
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Send Targeted Messages To Your Customers

Send mass messages to your entire audience or targeted messages by layering segment conditions to find exactly who you want to talk to.

Drive Loyalty

Incorporate marketing into Loyalty, VIP or Fan Club programs to create a direct channel of communication between you and your best customers.

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Collect Valuable Customer Data

Meadow’s built-in CRM gathers data from customer profiles, purchase history, buying behaviors and loyalty programs so you can segment audience groups and send targeted SMS and MMS campaigns to engage customers and drive sales.

Invest in smarter cannabis marketing today

Case studies show dispensaries generating as much as $54k in sales from a $1,500 marketing investment

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Meadow's admin panel showing a marketing campaign with over $54,000 in revenue
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SMS & MMS is a high-engagement cannabis marketing tool.

98% average open rate
95% of all texts are read within 3 minutes
75% of people would like offers sent to them via SMS
Personalized text campaigns see 12x more conversions than email marketing
Customize Text and Images

Send personalized SMS and MMS messages with images, gifs, emojis, specials and deals, promo codes, product updates, restock notifications, loyalty point status, re-engagement incentives, and more.

Boost Sales With Tailored Campaigns

Create a campaign tailored to a specific audience with custom URLs that link directly to your online menu for fast and easy online ordering.

Analyze Results with Comprehensive Reports

Access detailed analytics and comprehensive reports to help you understand what's working and where you need to adjust your strategy.

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Composing a Pride promotion in Meadow's cannabis marketing software
Promotion use from a marketing campaign in Meadow's admin