Automatic Inventory Updates Keep Your Weedmaps Menu Accurate

Meadow's integration with Weedmaps creates a faster, easier way to manage and fulfill your online Weedmaps orders. With this new integration, dispensaries can put their menu management on autopilot—saving time, avoiding errors, and streamlining fulfillment—all while increasing sales with a faster and easier online ordering experience.

A budtender inputs an order into the Meadow cannabis POS

Live Menu Integration

Manage one menu within Meadow and it automatically sends live updates to all your menus, including Weedmaps. When products are re-stocked or sold out, or there is a price change or special, it will automatically be reflected across all your menus.

An illustration of Meadow syncing to Weedmaps and Meadow menus

Orders Integration

Orders placed on Weedmaps are automatically tracked, managed, and fulfilled in Meadow's POS—no manual entry required! Save time, avoid errors, and streamline the fulfillment process with catalogs, inventory, taxes, and promotional data seamlessly synced, automatically updated, and tracked in one place.

An illustration orders going from Weedmaps to Meadow

The new Weedmaps integration with Meadow is an absolute game-changer for our dispensary. We have hundreds of products in inventory and automatic updates to our Weedmaps menu is going to save us 10 hours of manual updates each week, allowing us to reallocate those staff hours back to sales and customer service.
Cannabis dispensary RDC Collective Logo
Erik Cervantes
General Manager, RDC Collective
Los Angeles, CA

Key Benefits of Meadow's Weedmaps Integration

Streamlined Menu Management

Streamline business operations with centralized menu management. Say goodbye to tedious manual updates and double entries—Weedmaps and Meadow's POS will always be in sync. This seamless integration streamlines operations, boosts accuracy, and frees up time for staff to focus on more valuable tasks.

Accurate Inventory

Keep customers reassured and up-to-date with real-time inventory updates from your Meadow POS. Ensure your Weedmaps menu always has the most accurate product selection, availability, and pricing.

Easy Order Fulfillment

Meadow simplifies the complex processes of order fulfillment, so online orders are just as easy and compliant as in-store. The platform syncs catalogs, inventories, taxes, and promotional data to streamline workflows every step of the way.

Fast & Easy Setup

Setting up the integration is quick and easy! All you need to do is link your Weedmaps account with Meadow's POS system, which only takes a few minutes. After that, your menus will be connected—ensuring accurate and live updates between the two platforms.