Dispensary Marketing & Building Brand Relationships with Julien Butler, Directer of Retail Sales, Marketing at Delivery at the Original Green Cross of Torrance and David Hua, CEO of Meadow

In today's episode of Meadow Memo, Meadow CEO David Hua sits down with Julien Butler, Director of Retail Sales, Marketing and Delivery at the Original Green Cross of Torrance, a South Bay storefront and delivery service powered by Meadow since 2019.

Meadow CEO David Hua and ulien Butler, Director of Retail Sales, Marketing and Delivery at the Original Green Cross of Torrance discuss Dispensary Marketing & Building Brand Relationships.

The conversation focus is around Dispensary Marketing & Building Brand Relationships. Highlights include:

  • How he’s structured his marketing, sales and delivery teams (2:23)

  • Becoming vertically integrated and creating shelf space for their in house brand, Alta Vida (11:50)

  • Marketing messaging, discounts & loyalty programs for various customer demographics (15:42)

  • Creating loyalty “milestone buys” to reward shoppers with prizes and perks (18:33)
  • “20 days of 420 promotions” with daily brand promos to build hype (20:44)
  • Building strong vendor relationships, how product marketing affects the menu, and the importance of interdepartmental communications between purchasing and sales teams (23:23)
  • Why they switched from selling from product in cases to 14 floating iPads on the sales floor with the Meadow embedded menu (25:47)
  • The three things brands need to get on retail menus (28:02)
  • How Stokd Marketing empowers vendor and dispensary partnerships (30:28)
  • Recent products we’re enjoying from Kush Co., Lost Farms, El Blunto, Ursa, Carte Blanche, Cold Fire Juice, Khalifa Kush, Alien Labs (32:32)
  • The importance of freshness in products — harvest and manufacture date (35:09)
  • Why connecting with the cannabis community is important to staying up on trends (36:42)
  • How dynamic delivery paired with text marketing makes it possible to serve pop-up events (38:20)
  • Why Green Cross switched from Treez to Meadow (41:53)
  • The importance of serving customers with omni-channel sales (43:03)

Pink Certz cannabis flower

To kick off our conversation, Hua samples some Pink Certz flower cultivated by Sense, bred by Compound Genetics using 100% renewable energy, which took first place in the flower category at the Transbay Challenge in February 2022, presented by Jimi Devine & Emerald Farm Tours.

Thanks for exploring this Meadow Memo on Dispensary Marketing & Building Relationships with Brands.

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