PayChex, a leading payroll provider, is no longer servicing cannabis clients.

The market is ripe to find a new payroll provider, and we're thrilled to announce that Gusto is stepping in to offer services to the cannabis industry: an expansive HR platform and all-in-one solution for payroll, employee benefits, hiring, onboarding, provisioning, accounting, tax filings, and more. Lots more.

For cannabis companies who received the notification that as of May 1, Paychex can no longer provide payroll or HR services, they have a new trusted option in Gusto, a fellow software graduate of Y Combinator (W12), now serving more than 200,000 businesses nationwide.


In need of a quick solution for managing HR and payroll? Take advantage of this special Gusto x Meadow offer to ensure you have compliant new systems for your next payroll cycle.

Gusto payroll services for cannabis businesses

After 3 months free, exclusive Gusto premium pricing plans for the Meadow community starts at just $34/month

The Premium Plan Includes:

  • Dedicated customer success with cannabis industry knowledge and/or experience: Receive specialized support and guidance, tailored to the cannabis industry’s specific needs and challenges.

  • Compliance alerts: Help cannabis-related businesses stay up-to-date on the latest regulations and ensure compliance, reducing the risk of fines and legal issues.

  • HR Resource Center: Saves time and money by providing a one-stop shop for all HR-related questions and concerns.

  • Access to certified HR experts: Provide professional and experienced guidance on HR-related matters, helping to improve the overall effectiveness of their HR department.

  • Full-service payroll migration and account setup: Save time and resources by streamlining the process of setting up and managing payroll.

  • Health insurance broker integration: Offers employees a comprehensive benefits package, which can increase employee satisfaction and retention.

  • R&D tax credit discount (offered separately): Save money on Gusto’s R&D tax credit service, which can save up to $500,000 in annual payroll tax offsets, depending on the tax year.

  • Prioritized support navigation: Get the support needed quickly to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

  • Performance reviews: Evaluate employee performance and identify areas for improvement, leading to a more efficient and productive workforce.


  • Full-service multi-state payroll including W-2s and 1099s

  • Next-day direct deposit

  • Advanced hiring and onboarding tools

  • PTO management and policies

  • Time tracking and project tracking

  • Workforce costing and reports

  • Team management tools

  • Full support

We're grateful to see service providers like Gusto step in to support the daily business needs of our cannabis community. Get started at

Whether your team is big, small, in-person, or remote, Gusto has the payroll, benefits, and hiring tools you need, all in one place. Honest prices. No hidden fees. No surprises.

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