Are you and your team properly training budtenders and other front of house staff to set them up for long-term success?

A 2020 survey by Indeed revealed that 39% of people who quit their jobs within 6 months of being hired reported that better training would have kept them in the role longer.

With Meadow Mastery, a library of free cannabis retail courses from Meadow, it's never been easier to train new hires, level up your team, and master all of the connected cannabis retail tools that Meadow offers.

For dispensary operators upgrading to Meadow from other dispensary point of sale software, these learning modules make it quick and efficient for your entire team to understand new workflows.

The best cannabis retail software comes with free dispensary training

This easy-to-use free training center includes 44 individual lessons for everyone on your team from budtenders to buyers, with course material spanning across:

  • Getting Started: A general overview for anyone using Meadow.

  • Point of Sale: How to use the POS app to attach customers, create/edit orders and check-out.

  • Check-In: How to use the intake app to check in new and returning customers and medical patients.

  • Inventory: How to adjust, track, and conduct cycle counts.

  • Products and Purchasing: How to create products, purchase orders, work with Metrc and more.

  • E-Commerce: How to sell online with live menus for pick-up and delivery.

  • Loyalty: How to reward your best customers and keep them coming back with customized loyalty programs.

  • Shifts and Drawers: How to open, close, and customize shifts and adjust drawers.

These video lessons are designed to make it easy to quickly train both front of house staff as well as new managers.

Dispensary POS software education

How to Create A New-Hire Training Plan

It's important to note that not all employees retain information in the same ways.

According to Business News Daily, there are three learning styles that you'll want to keep in mind as you prepare to onboard new dispensary staff:

  1. Visual. Some staff learn processes by watching and observing tasks.

  2. Hands-on. Other new hires may benefit from a hands-on approach and benefit from opportunities to practice executing tasks themselves.

  3. Reading. Other employees may prefer to read instructions in their early days on the job.

Meadow Mastery videos and guides are a useful tool to augment hands-on training. We recommend signing up new staff on Meadow Mastery on day one of the job to understand the software they'll be using to conduct tasks.

Ensure You Have a Complete Process For Onboarding New Dispensary Staff

Meadow Mastery educates your staff on key dispensary tasks like inventory management and compliance, but you'll want to look at your entire process for training and onboarding new dispensary staff.

Here are a few additional key questions you'll want to ensure you have answers for to make it easy to ensure your team is set-up for success:

  • Have we defined our company mission and values, and in what way do we ensure new staff embody these guiding principles when interfacing with eachother and with customers?
  • How do we ensure front of house staff know the products on our shelves and can help gently guide customers and recommend the right products?
  • Have we trained budtenders and customer-facing staff to follow sales best practices?

With proper training and onboarding, it's easy to build a culture where your whole team is empowered and educated.

Learn more about how Meadow's award-winning cannabis retail software can help your whole team work smarter.

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