It's no secret that the entire California cannabis supply chain has had issues with Metrc since it's rollout in January of 2020.

If Metrc instability is creating delays in your dispensary sales and inaccuracies in your transactions, you want to be sure you're able to quickly identify and fix the discrepancies to stay within California's required 3% inventory variance.

We know that CDTFA is starting to use Metrc variance as a means of audit across the California supply chain, which means having a system that keeps you fully compliant is more important than ever.

Here are three Metrc red flags that cannabis retailers can use to identify a compliance problem, as shared with us recently by software consultant Brian Maravandi from AlfaLINQ. Brian and his team at Alfalinq are part of our trusted network of compliance advisors that we’ve worked with to help dispensaries and teams rectify and correct Metrc inventory discrepancies when teams are switching over to Meadow's compliant solution.

Red Flag #1: Negative Inventory

Filter all your packages that have a quantity smaller than 0. You should not oversell packages; if you see more than a couple negative packages, you have a problem.

Red Flag #2: Having way more products in Metrc than the inventory you actually have on shelves.

Does your Metrc account list 6000 packages? Or 12,000? Does that sound like way more than you actually have in stock? Then you probably have an issue.

Red Flag #3: Inconsistent Reporting to Metrc

You need to be reporting data to Metrc every single day. Run a sales report in Metrc; if you haven't been sending daily reports, you are out of compliance.

Los Angeles-based software consultant Brian Maravandi and his team at Alfalinq are part of Meadow's trusted network of compliance advisors that help cannabis retail teams rectify and correct Metrc inventory discrepancies as teams are switching over their software to Meadow. If you're a California dispensary team and you discover negative inventory in your active Metrc account, we can help get you clean up your Metrc account and put in new SOPs to maintain compliance reporting and optimize your tax reporting.

Think you may have a compliance issue? We're here to help.

Even when Metrc goes down, Meadow keeps your inventory, sales and tax data accurate. There's a reason why more California dispensaries and delivery operators are upgrading to Meadow.

Meadow's unique integration with Metrc means:

Meadow Uptime:

When Metrc is down, the Meadow API will automatically keep trying to connect, and will pull packages and transfers automatically so you don't have to wait and keep clicking or checking.

Never Upload a CSV:

Meadow syncs your sales data automatically at the end of the day with no manual labor required.

Flexible SKU management:

One SKU can have multiple packages that map to it, without creating Metrc messes.

No Negative Inventory: While other systems let you oversell, Meadow's built-in guardrails keeps you compliant with clean inventory.

Active Account Monitoring: With daily Metrc monitoring, our team ensures packages are uploaded correctly and any false negatives are rectified.

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