Not all cannabis compliance software is created equal.

Choosing a cannabis POS system is an important decision that goes beyond just searching for the lowest monthly fee. Each system offers a different approach to workflows that will affect all facets of your operations every single day, and it's an important decision as your POS system not only processes sales but interfaces with required Metrc tracking, and will affect how easy it is for your operation to remain compliant.

As cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, each state-legal cannabis market has its own unique systems and regulations that operators must follow to remain compliant. In Colorado, for instance, there are two separate market systems (adult-use and medical), with separate products for these different customers groups, whereas in California, there is a single supply chain serving both types of customers with a single supply of inventory.

Many POS systems don't account for the nuances of how products must move through these different supply chains, and have attempted to create a one-size-fits-all approach to their cannabis retail systems, which often lead to clunky workflows and complicated work arounds to make their systems work in your regulatory structure.

To put it simply, many of the big multi-state cannabis POS systems are not designed for the California supply chain, and while they seem affordable at first, they often end up costing you more in the long run with unwieldy workflows that affect every aspect of your day-to-day, from compliance and inventory management to marketing, and sales. Smart dispensary operators in California understand the value in choosing a software that translates to fast, accurate or compliant operations.

Meadow is the only California-specific dispensary POS software, build for the unique needs of California operators. Instead of serving the cannabis industry in many state-legal markets, since 2014 we've chosen to focus on creating the best dispensary POS solution just for California dispensaries. As a result, Meadow offers more sophisticated workflows for aspect of a modern dispensary, because it is built specifically for the nuances of California’s complicated regulatory and compliance requirements.

Many other POS systems require several additional third-party software subscription add ons to offer the same functionality Meadow includes in our set of essential tools, such as delivery, text marketing, and loyalty programs.

There are a number of reasons that set Meadow apart from generic, multi-state cannabis softwares systems:

1. 100% Compliant with California Regulations

When onboarding new retail or delivery operators, we often see compliance nightmares that other inexpensive multi-state systems allow to fester. Meadow is a premium product, and dispensaries who run Meadow remain 100% Metrc compliant with the state's track-and-trace system. These same dispensaries also save an estimated 20% a year in labor costs by simplifying compliance workflows that used to require tedious data entry for both the front and back of the house. When you use a system that's built for other regulatory environments, it often lacks the necessary guardrails to maintain full compliance in California. As a result, dispensaries will eventually need to hire consultants and lawyers to help clean up data inaccuracies and navigate tax audits that occur when a dispensary's Metrc account is outside of the acceptable level of inventory variance.

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2. Workflows That Save Time and Money

In other POS systems, the cost of these third-party software subscriptions add up and don't provide the same sophistication that an all-in-one system offers. Because Meadow is designed solely for California, all of our features work in tandem to provide the best workflows in California cannabis. In the past, dispensary operators have had to piece together disparate pieces of cannabis software to run their businesses which creates unreliable data and clunky workflows; no other solution offers as many features and benefits in a single package as Meadow’s all-in-one system, including dynamic delivery, cannabis marketing, and loyalty and rewards programs.

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3. Cannabis Software That Evolves as Regulations Evolve

Our compliance experts are in tune with the minute changes in the constantly shifting regulatory environment of California cannabis, especially important with 2021's consolidation of the regulatory agencies. You don't want to rely on a system that is going to leave you hanging for months because they are busy building features for another state.

At Meadow, we work hand in hand with our dispensary and delivery customers across California to understand their workflows and what features and updates that will truly make a difference in their day-to-day operations. Other systems may not get around to making your feature requests while they build systems and workflows for other state legal markets.

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Meadow connected suite of dispensary software has all of the tools you need to sell weed and grow your business compliantly while saving at least 20% in labor costs by automating tasks that once required tedious manual labor. This fully connected cannabis retail system gives you:

  • Retail, delivery, pickup, and eCommerce in a single platform
  • All of your customer, sales and inventory data in one place
  • Smart MMS & SMS marketing tools to grow your business faster
  • Better Metrc compliance reporting
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Flexible, accurate tax structures
  • Robust customer support
  • Unlimited user logins
  • Fewer monthly bills
  • Zero data loss
  • Accurate reporting and analytics
  • Built in loyalty, rewards and promo codes
  • Less manual data entry
  • Live menu integrations
  • Automatic inventory updates across all of your sales channels

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