Want to see which of your dispensary employees are doing the most to boost your bottom line? With Meadow reports, there's a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

As a dispensary owner or manager, the volume of sales conducted by your team of budtenders is your bread and butter. Being in touch with how each individual team member is performing is very important when it comes to managing your cannabis retail store.

With Meadow, we make your data work harder for you. By downloading and reviewing historical sales information, it’s easy to see which of your employees deserve a reward and which ones need more training.

In just a few clicks, you can explore Meadow's vast reporting capabilities, including order average subtotals, sum of grand totals, and more inside the Orders Report Admins tab.

The Orders Report is one of the most robust reports you can download in Meadow. The various tabs can be used to access data points you might otherwise need to perform extra Excel work to find. Within Meadow's easy to use cannabis software suite, this information is readily accessible with just a few clicks, helping you quickly find the information you need.

How can you determine who is the top performing budtender?

Your top performing budtender is consistently exceeding sales expectations, knowledgeable of the products they sell, and ensures satisfaction with every transaction. Creating goals for them to reach can tighten employee engagement and drive your team towards success. Creating achievable goals makes work feel new, interesting, and for most, can ignite a friendly, competitive work environment. That top performing budtender should be rewarded for their hard work. How do you track their performance in Meadow?

Knowing the average order value helps inform you of your marketing and pricing strategies. By increasing your average order value, you can directly impact your shop’s revenue growth. In this video, we will find the top performing staff member by identifying who has the highest average subtotal. This staff member, in this case, would also be selling the least amount of order discounts, by selling products that are not on sale. Selling discounted products is always easier than full-price or premium goods, but top revenue grossing products are typically not discounted or on-sale items.

In this video we will go over the power of the pivot table located in the Admins tab of the Meadow Orders reportt, the definition of each column, and show you how to find budtender sales averages. We will also discuss how actions taken in the Pivot Table fields box will reflect in your Pivot Table.

Another way to organize this data would be to rank budtenders based on their average order count. How many orders are they placing? Consider, are they full time or part time? Out of those placed orders, how does their average subtotal correlate? Is it considered high or low?

Documenting and assessing staff performance data can be important when it comes to deciding how to compensate your budtenders, or who needs more training. Saving these reports to document and track performance might come in handy later. There is no textbook for managing a dispensary, but with Meadow's helpful tools, we can help you identify data points that will help you strengthen your sales team, sell more cannabis, and help your business grow.

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