CALIFORNIA - On April 1, 2023, the new DCC Cannabis Delivery Regulations take effect 🚗


As of April 1, 2023, California cannabis delivery operators must create a Metrc inventory delivery ledger before the vehicle can legally leave the licensed premises with unsold or pre-sold inventory.

"There will be no compliant way to deliver cannabis in California without this ledger." - Max Esdale, Head of Compliance, Meadow

This is an important regulatory change that will impact cannabis delivery operation workflows. Meadow's cannabis delivery software system is ready to maintain compliance with all new requirements.

Failure to create and report the delivery ledger will result in a fine per each violation of failing to accurately report a delivery: Page 24: CCR § 15047.2 "Failure to accurately enter data and information into the track and trace system. Moderate violation with a fine of $501 - $1,000"

If you are using a POS to create and report your delivery ledgers, you can check if your ledgers have been sent to Metrc by navigating to this URL and replace “C00-0000000-LIC” with your license number:

If you see ledgers being created in your POS but they are not showing up on this page, you are out of compliance.

CA Cannabis delivery inventory ledger

Other notable changes to delivery workflows & requirements:

  • "Pre-order requirement eliminated: A retailer is no longer required to have received and processed at least one delivery order before a delivery employee can leave the licensed premises to conduct deliveries."

  • "When there are unsold cannabis goods remaining after a delivery trip, those cannabis goods must be removed from the delivery inventory ledger for that trip and returned to the retailer’s inventory in the California Cannabis Track and Trace system (CCTT)."

With Meadow, delivery operators will have minimal additions to your current workflow: You will now have to create delivery ledgers in Meadow; you will NEVER have to log into Metrc to create these or submit reports. Simply enter the vehicle/driver information, and mark orders as fulfilled when they are delivered to customers. Current Meadow clients can reach out in our Meadow chat for support in 5 minutes or less.

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The Meadow team walks you through new required California cannabis delivery workflows and SOPs to remain compliant. PLUS: How to maximize efficiency in the lead up to 420 with dynamic delivery, kiosks, payment processing, SMS marketing and smarter, data-based inventory stocking to take advantage of the new $10k cannabis delivery vehicle trunk size.

cannabis delivery inventory management best practices (1)

We understand that these changes will significantly impact delivery operations, and we're here to help the industry navigate them.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions or concerns in the face of these new requirements. We'll continue to do our best to provide exceptional service as operators navigate these new required workflows.

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