Want to empower your budtenders to sell more?

With Meadow reports, it’s easy to see the data on which of your employees deserves recognition, and which need more training.

The most successful cannabis retail dispensaries have multiple strategies in place to get products moving, from cannabis marketing to SEO improvements to collaborations and campaigns with brands.

Sales competitions are a great technique to motivate and empower budtenders to move products more quickly, whether you want to move units nearing their expiration date or are trying to push products with the largest gross profit margin. Consider working with vendors who will reward your team for selling their products.

These competitions are easy to track using Meadow’s reporting and analytics capabilities. In this video, we will focus on the Orders report Product’s tab pivot table. Still learning how to master Excel? Check out this video to learn everything you need to know about the Orders report Products tab downloaded from Meadow Admin.

Boost product sales at your cannabis retail store by curating a sales competition. Learn how to use Meadow's reporting capabilities to track the results.

Not sure how to use a Pivot Table?

Pivot tables are an interactive way to summarize large amounts of information. With only a few clicks, you can see what budtender sold the most brand products. Meadow reports can be expanded to include a lot of information or consolidated to see only what you need. You can analyze all of the data but you can consolidate it to view only what is important to you. Pivot tables can be intimidating at first glance, but after learning how to navigate through them and understanding what rows, values, columns and filters are, you can create a custom view tailored to your needs.

Additional Sales Competition Tips:

  • Make it fun with a prize
  • Involve your employees in planning; give them a few options for challenges then let them pick
  • Create a leaderboard
  • Involve brands
  • Provide daily or weekly updates.

Budtenders are the core of your business. The way your staff conducts transactions at the point of sale station has a direct influence on your business. Having a comprehensive understanding of what products they are selling is imperative. If budtenders find certain products difficult to sell, a little competition and education can go a long way to create an interesting, fun work environment. Brands can offer cash or product rewards. Rewards can be nominal; they do not have to be expensive. Consider what motivates your employees and adjust accordingly. Happy staff will perform better at your dispensary, creating longevity in their employment.

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