In this webinar with Sara Betesh, Founder of Betesh Buying Group, we review dispensary inventory management and cannabis marketing best practices for holiday sales.

Ready to sell more cannabis this holiday season? In this webinar, you'll hear expertise from Sara Betesh, Founder of Betesh Buying Group, with actionable tips and tricks to boost sales and delight customers this holiday season.

Use these strategies to plan your inventory and sell more cannabis during the holidays.

We review:

  • How and when to plan your holiday assortment

  • How to bucket holiday promos into certain categories

  • How to use data to review what to stock on your shelves

  • The importance of guiding consumers to new and discounted products

  • How to get rid of aging inventory before it expires through strategic markdowns

  • The best way to think about bundling for holiday gifts

  • Promotion strategies that drive loyalty after the holidays end

  • How to work cross-functionally between inventory, sales and marketing teams to sell more cannabis

Our featured guest: Sara Betesh is the founder of Betesh Buying Group and has spent the last 15 years buying for some of the world's largest apparel, fashion and retail companies. Sara has spent the last 5+ years focused on cannabis as the Senior Buyer at MedMen and as a Retail Buying Consultant. She’s developed and implemented the complete buying process for more than 25 dispensaries across the country. If you need help with buying, inventory planning, or just general dispensary operations, check out Sara’s group:

Seasonal Marketing & Buying Best Practices from Betesh Buying Group

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