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Stay ahead of the competition and don't miss out on the newest and most innovative options for cannabis retail and delivery operators. From advancements in inventory management, compliance, eCommerce, to our marketing CRM platform, Meadow’s cutting-edge POS technology can offer your dispensary the best combination of speed, accuracy and scalability in today's increasingly competitive market.

Our team is consistently working to develop better tools so that our customers can spend less time on tedious tasks. Plus, we’re always listening to feedback and responding with new features that make managing a cannabis business easier than ever before.

The 7+ Biggest Recent Updates to Meadow’s Connected Cannabis Retail System:

1. Tax Tiers and 2023 Excise Update

The new 2023 California cannabis tax changes are confusing and it can be tough to stay on top of all the updates, especially if you're not a numbers person. New cannabis excise tax regulations went into effect and there's already a lot of confusion about how to comply. Businesses don't have time to waste trying to figure out this complex new system on their own.

Did you plan ahead for the CDTFA Emergency Guidelines? Meadow makes it easy to stay compliant. Our team is here to help guide you every step of the way so that you can comply with these new regulations. Not only have we made it easier than ever before for cannabis businesses in California to manage their taxes and stay compliant, but we offer outstanding customer service that won’t leave you feeling lost or overwhelmed.

With our updates, retailers are now able to collect up to three levels of compounding taxes for each transaction, ensuring full compliance with state regulations. It’s easy to set up excise tax to compound local tax and sales tax to compound both excise and any local taxes. A new California Excise tax option was also released in tandem for dispensaries that will tax payment type fees and delivery fees. Meadow also makes it easy to see what excise tax has been paid and what’s left to remit.


Learn more about California's excise tax changes

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"All of the resources shared and the system updates made it easy for us to understand the new regulations and make the necessary adjustments. After reviewing Meadow reports, myself & one other team member were able to re-calculate prices based upon our desired individual product margins. There is no better system." - Mike, Green Remedy

2. Offer a Customer Facing Display at The Point of Sale

It can be difficult for customers to keep track of the total cost of the items in their basket. When you're shopping, the last thing you want is to feel confused or frustrated. You just want to find what you need and get out the door. As a retailer, visibly displaying customer costs might even be a compliance issue pending your local laws.

Meadow's customer facing display shows your customers exactly what they are buying and how much it will cost them. This makes it easy for them to stay on top of their spending, which everybody loves. Meadow now displays a “total savings” directly to your customers along with each item in their cart followed by a live grand total that updates automatically; everyone loves to save money. The new "Total Savings" field adds up all total discounts for your customers. A customer facing display at the point of sale can help to improve the customer experience, increase accuracy and security, and enhance efficiency, all of which can be beneficial for both your business and customers.

Educate your customers

3. Meadow’s All-In-One Tools Are Now Live in Michigan, with Massachusetts, & New Jersey Coming Soon

Cannabis retail is one of the most complex and rapidly growing industries in the United States. While the industry is expanding, the technology available to retailers has not kept up. Meadow provides a complete suite of retail tools that are designed specifically for cannabis businesses. Our platform is easy-to-use and helps you stay compliant with state regulations.

After eight years of building the best cannabis retail system for California, we're excited to announce our complete suite of connected tools for sales, marketing, inventory management, compliance, and more are now available throughout Michigan, with Massachusetts and New Jersey coming soon. We've taken our best in class Metrc Integration and brought it to these markets.

Read more in this TechCrunch article about Meadow’s expansion into our second state legal market.

Meadow is now a multi-state point of sale system

4. Text Marketing Updates and New Digital Flyers

Dispensaries have been struggling to find a way to market their products since the 10DLC regulations went into effect. The 10DLC regulations have made it incredibly difficult for dispensaries to market their products. Carrier restrictions and filtering of cannabis-related terms has made it almost impossible to get your message out. This year, Meadow re-built our cannabis marketing tool for compliance and increased deliverability. Our new SMS templates allow dispensaries to send custom messages that meet these tighter requirements. In addition, our Digital Flyers feature allows dispensary text marketing messages to include cannabis terminology hidden behind a pin-gated link.

Meadow's text marketing and CRM platform has been upgraded comply with 10DLC requirements

5. Delivery Zone Tax Settings and Fees

Cannabis delivery is a great service to offer customers, but it can be hard to manage all the different tax rates and maintain your margin when traveling large distances to deliver orders. Not being able to charge a delivery fee based on the distance can really cut into your bottom line. It can also be time consuming and frustrating to manage your inventory if you don’t have an easy workflow with automatic menu updates.

Meadow's Dynamic Delivery platform makes cannabis delivery easy. With just a few clicks, you can set custom tax rates for each area and decide whether or not you want to include a delivery fee. Plus, with the new $10k increased trunk limit in California, you should really take advantage of the added flexibility in the amount of products that you're able to deliver. Begin offering Dynamic Delivery and watch your business grow.

Plus: Quality of Life Update: Improve your back office and order fulfillment workflow with newly improved tickets. Delivery receipts are generated to quickly pack orders before you hit the road creating one less stop between you and the customer. New receipts contain product details, customer contact information, and the delivery address to make life easier for packing, dispatchers and drivers.


6. Offer Weedmaps listings based on Inventory Location. Plus: Weedmaps Orders Integration

Managing incoming orders and updating menus across multiple platforms is time consuming and can be difficult to keep up with. You're likely spending hours every week updating menus on different websites, and directories like Weedmaps. This process is tedious and prone to mistakes.

Meadow's cannabis point of sale software offers an orders integration with Weedmaps that will automate this process for you. With just one click in Meadow, all your updates will automatically be sent live to Weedmaps and all your other connected platforms. This saves you time and ensures accuracy across all your platforms. As an expansion to Dynamic Delivery and order pick-up functionality, Meadow now allows you to connect multiple Weedmaps menus to specific inventory locations, vehicles or delivery zones. Once a customer places an order in Weedmaps, you will be able to manage and fulfill it directly in Meadow.

This enhanced integration with Weedmaps is designed to save you hundreds of hours in manual menu updates. When products are re-stocked or sold out, or there is a price change or special, it will automatically be reflected across all your menus, giving your customers the most up-to-date selection of products, prices, descriptions, and photos.


7. COMING SOON: Custom E-Commerce Menus

Our new and improved e-commerce menus are coming soon to dispensary websites near you! Easily embed Meadow’s mobile-friendly iframe menu to your own website with a single line of code, allowing customers to quickly and easily order cannabis online for pick-up or delivery. With an improved cart, better search, more filtering, more collections of products and the ability to customize colors and layouts, it’s never been easier to sell more cannabis. This overhauled menu now features:



Plus: Dozens of other quality of life upgrades, while maintaining 99.99% uptime, including:

  • Improved reporting suite: Recent report updates include more product and sales data like Weedmaps verification status and embedded menu status so you can quickly audit your online menus. More updates include promo code, line item discount, and sales price data for discount reporting.
  • Improved customer check-in: The front desk is your front line. Meadow now makes it easy to reconcile customer inaccuracies, merge profiles, add referral sources to better track marketing efforts, and more. First time customers now appear with a badge, so your budtenders know to give them a warm welcome and make a great first impression at your shop.
  • Improved cycle count functionality for accurate inventory: We continued to streamline the process of counting your inventory and reconciling inventory discrepancies with ease and accuracy. With this functionality and Meadow's unmatched Metrc integration, you don't have to worry about staying compliant.

There's a reason why dispensaries give us 5 stars on G2:


Since 2014, Meadow has processed more than $2 billion of cannabis sales, 31 million cannabis retail orders & 5 million delivery orders.

We continue to proactively make Meadow's all-in-one POS system better, based on feedback from the 200+ cannabis retail operators we support.

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