Meadow and Cannable speak about using ice cream truck style cannabis delivery software to make deliveries faster in California.

Meadow Memo is a new video interview series charting recent trends in cannabis retail and delivery operations.

Our first memo focus around cannabis delivery with a 30 minute conversation with Jeff Tuel, VP of Sales at Greenbrier Holdings, a vertically integrated California cannabis business which includes Cannable, Fresno's closest recreational dispensary and delivery service.

We discuss:

  • How they’ve made their cannabis delivery business more efficient and lucrative.
  • Opening up Fresno’s closest cannabis dispensary & recent trends they’re tracking.
  • The importance of building industry relationships.
  • His past in the NFL and breaking the stigma around cannabis for pain relief.
In this 1x1 interview, David Hua, CEO and Co-Founder of Meadow sits down with Jeff Tuel, VP of Sales at Greenbrier Holdings and Cannable dispensary to discuss cannabis delivery software, his background in the NFL and how he's scaling his family's fourth-generation agricultural business, including their vertically integrated cannabis operation with retail and delivery.

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