A step by step guide to rolling a joint of cannabis

Rolling a joint is easy, and is a useful skill for any cannabis enthusiast. Below, you'll find an easy 10-step guide with photos that will help you create expertly rolled joints in no time. Let's get started!

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need:

  1. Cannabis Flower (To find a dispensary near you, visit meadow.delivery)

  2. Joint Tips

  3. Rolling Papers

  4. Grinder (alternatively you can use scissors)

  5. Bowl

  6. Pencil or Chop Stick

How to Roll a Joint Step 1

Step 2: Grab one of your tips. Make three small folds. Your tip (filter/crutch) makes it easier to roll and smoke. If you don't have tips, tear off a 1.5 x .5 inch rectangular piece of firm paper (business cards, rolling paper packages, raw tips, etc) and roll it to create one. How to Roll a Joint Step 2

Step 3: Roll the tip up nice and tight. How to Roll a Joint Step 3

Step 4: Time to process the cannabis flower. Ideally, you can use a grinder to break up the cannabis flower, but if you don't have one available, you can always use scissors, or even a kitchen knife and cutting board. You want to shred the cannabis flower into small pieces so it burns evenly. How to Roll a Joint Step 4

Step 5: Grind the flowers thoroughly with even consistency (neither too fine nor coarse). Remove any stems, and pour the ground flower into the bowl. How to Roll a Joint Step 5

Step 6: Lay the rolling paper on a flat surface, with the sticky side on top and facing you. Put your tip on the left side. Dump the flower from the bowl into the paper, spreading the cannabis flower evenly. Pinch the ends of the paper with your thumb and index fingers. Begin to roll the paper up and down, spreading the cannabis out evenly and creating a consistent shape. How to Roll a Joint Step 7

Step 7: Roll your thumbs all the way down until you can tuck the paper edge closest to you under the filter. Roll your thumbs back up so the paper rolls over the cannabis, creating a closed joint. Roll tight and pull hands away from each other to keep the joint taught as you roll. How to Roll a Joint Step 8

Step 8: Once you've rolled it to the end, lick the glue along the top and seal the joint. How to Roll a Joint Step 9

Step 9: Use your pencil or chopstick to pack the cannabis and fill the joint as large as you'd like it. How to Roll a Joint Step 10

Step 10: Twist it up and enjoy! How to Roll a Joint Step 11

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