In a seasonal-driven industry like retail cannabis, mastering the art of hiring and employee retention is paramount. By leveraging data-driven insights, adopting innovative technologies, and prioritizing a positive workplace culture, your dispensary can not only navigate the challenges of seasonal demand but also emerge as a leader in the competitive landscape.

In this webinar, Jessica Cranney of Green Mile High HR Consulting, delves into the importance of data-driven decision-making in retail operations, particularly in scheduling and staffing. Without historical data trends, operators might struggle to prepare for — and profit from — these peak periods.

Cranney also emphasized that hiring for these peak sales periods cannot be a last-minute affair. It requires advanced planning, taking into consideration the time for marketing the hiring event, collecting and pre-scheduling applicants, making selections, and ensuring the selected candidates are compliant and trained.

Don't miss out on easy opportunities to improve your approach to seasonal hiring in your dispensary! Elevate your staffing game and ensure your business thrives in every season by watching the full-length webinar below.

Master seasonal hiring with Jessica Cranney! 🌿 Elevate your dispensary's game with data-driven insights.

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