Events Recap: HOF, MJ Unpacked, Metrc, Weed Week, 420, Meadowlands

With spring in full swing, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the recent cannabis industry events that Meadow has been a part of over the past couple of months. From Hall of Flowers in Ventura to MJ Unpacked in New Jersey, the CA Metrc Roadshow, SF Weed Week, and the 420 celebrations, each event has offered valuable insights and experiences.

We’ve gathered some key takeaways from these events that we’re excited to share with you. Dive into our in-depth posts and photo galleries for the latest in the world of cannabis events.

Key Takeaways from Hall of Flowers, MJ Unpacked, Metrc Roadshow, SF Weed Week and 420.
Hall of Flowers Ventura 2024

Hall of Flowers

At Hall of Flowers Ventura, Direct Booth Sales were the star of the show. No waiting in long lines. No lost sales. Fast, easy transactions on the spot. We loved partnering with Hall of Flower once again to power the Direct Booth Sales with Meadow’s POS, for quick, seamless transactions and compliance. This speed and efficiency elevated the entire HOF experience for brands, retailers, and customers alike. With so much to do and see, no one has time for lines and slow processing.

Hall of Flowers Ventura 2024

The event showcased a range of high-quality flower strains, from exciting new varieties to beloved classics, reflecting a trend towards unique "gas candy" flavors and premium indoor-grown products. Smaller, owner-operated booths highlighted a shift towards more intimate and authentic interactions, emphasizing lean operations and direct founder involvement.

Hall of Flowers Ventura 2024

Sustainability was another focal point, with discussions around the environmental impacts of disposable vapes and the push for more sustainable practices in hardware production. The thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces enhanced networking opportunities and allowed for more organic interaction and consumption, making the overall atmosphere more enjoyable and productive.

For more, check out our Hall of Flowers Recap & Photo Gallery 📸 Hall of Flowers 2024: Insights and Innovations from Ventura, CA

MJ Unpacked New Jersey

MJUnpacked New Jersey

At MJ Unpacked in New Jersey, Meadow's presence was felt as we engaged in meaningful conversations with dispensary operators and delivery services. Stationed at Booth #703, Ryan Bush, Meadow’s Head of Sales, and Wally Wong, Meadow’s Senior AE, shared insights and gathered valuable feedback from a diverse range of cannabis professionals. These discussions revealed common challenges and successes across the industry, particularly in the newly opened New Jersey and New York markets.

MJ Unpacked New Jersey 2024

The key takeaways from our interactions include the growing importance of scalability and flexibility in cannabis retail operations. Operators expressed a need for systems that can easily expand to accommodate multiple locations and varying state regulations. Meadow's POS system was highlighted for its adaptability and compliance features, making it an important tool for those looking to streamline their operations while staying compliant with state laws.

Additionally, the event underlined the significance of data-driven decision-making in optimizing product offerings and customer engagement strategies. By leveraging real-time data, operators can better understand consumer preferences and adjust their inventory and marketing efforts accordingly. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also increases operational efficiency.

Metrc Roadshow in California

CA Metrc Roadshow

The CA Metrc User Exchange toured through Santa Barbara, Irvine, and Santa Rosa, showcasing its renewed commitment to cannabis operators by emphasizing its dedication to fostering deeper, more open communication. Their focus was clear: listen to operators, understand their challenges, and refine the system to meet their needs more effectively.

Here are some of our key takeaways:
  • Significant Losses Highlight Inventory Management Needs: One operator we spoke with reported over $2M in losses due to theft and shrinkage last year, underscoring the critical need for robust inventory management and permissions systems which allow operators to maintain tight controls over their products and foster an environment of accountability and trust.
  • The High Cost of Low-Cost Solutions: Operators expressed frustration with inexpensive solutions leading to larger, more costly problems down the line. The sentiment "cheap solutions are expensive problems" was a recurring theme, emphasizing that initial savings could lead to significant expenses in terms of functionality and reliability.
  • Cycle Counts FTW: We loved seeing our client Off The Charts and hearing about the results they’re seen since implementing regular cycle counts in Meadow, which can be performed during the day without disrupting operations. This has not only improved inventory accuracy but also increased trust in both the information and the employees handling it.
Metrc also unveiled some exciting new updates, including:
Metrc Retail ID
  • Retail ID: Metrc is introducing Retail ID, a new solution to streamline product labeling. This will be a game-charger for retailers as they will no longer need to relabel every unit of product 🎉 instead, a single label will be affixed to each unit at the point of production and it will follow that product through its life inside and outside of Metrc.
  • Universal Product Catalog: Tired of scrambling to find product information or images when updating your menu? Metrc’s proposed Universal Product Catalog will provide a centralized platform for brands to upload product assets, saving valuable time and ensuring a smoother customer experience.

For an in-depth look at the latest Metrc updates and feedback, check out our article: Metrc Announces Retail ID & Universal Product Catalog at User Exchange Event

SF's First Weed Week 2024

SF Weed Week

In the lead-up to 420 we celebrated the first-ever SF WeedWeek, which transformed San Francisco into a focal point for cannabis aficionados, the canna-curious, and industry professionals alike. SF Weed Week was a celebration of the fine art of California cannabis with a curated, week-long series of citywide activations in the run-up to 420. Here’s a line up of the events Meadow co-hosted:

SF Weed Week 2024
  • Genetics Showcase with Cipher: We gathered at Meadow for an exclusive release of Blueberry Banana x Grape Gas from Cipher Genetics, and saw incredible flowers from leading breeders like Purple City Genetics and Uncle Dad Vibes who unveiled their latest genetics. The vibes were high, and so were we.
  • B2B Farmers Showcase: On Wednesday, April 17th, we hosted an industry-only B2B Farmers Showcase where growers, buyers and budtenders showed off their favorite strains, discovered new brands, and sampled some of the best cannabis in NorCal.
  • Happy Hour: On Friday, April 19 we gathered at Meadow HQ to kick back and relax with our favorite buds before the 420 festivities kicked into high gear.
2024 SF Weed Week

420 represents a peak moment of visibility and celebration in cannabis. It’s an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and celebrate the strides we’ve made.

It hasn’t been easy, but we’re still here. This year, we were particularly excited to bring the community together through curated experiences that honor the plant, the industry, and the people around it.

Read more about the Farmers Showcase here: Celebrating ‘the Best Weed in the World’ at SF Weed Week Farmers’ Showcase

Meadowlands 2024
The next big event...

Meadowlands 2024

From Monday, September 30, to Thursday, October 3, we're gathering in the redwoods to activate the community, foster new relationships, and replenish our internal wells. We'll dive into the challenges of the last year, spark new ideas, forge relationships, and prepare for cannabis under Schedule III.

This year, we've chosen a Monday to Thursday schedule to blend work, community, and rejuvenation seamlessly. With WiFi available at Camp Navarro, you can bring your team and keep up with work commitments while immersed in the tranquility of the redwoods. 

🌟 Get your Meadowlands 2024 tickets HERE 🔐 Password: together Meadowlands 2024

Never been to Meadowlands? We're sharing a collection of photos, stories, and highlights from last year's Meadowlands. Whether you’re a Meadowlands OG or just curious to understand what it's all about, check out the experience and magic of cannabis camp in the redwoods.

Meadowlands 2024

Reflecting on the incredible events of the past few months, it's clear that the cannabis industry is evolving. From the innovation and efficiency showcased at Hall of Flowers, to the insightful conversations at MJ Unpacked, the dedicated efforts of the CA Metrc Roadshow, the vibrant celebrations during SF Weed Week, and the anticipation of Meadowlands 2024, we are witnessing a dynamic blend of growth, engagement, and cultural celebration.

As we continue to navigate this exciting landscape, we're committed to sharing our experiences and learnings with you. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we journey forward together, fostering a thriving and connected cannabis community.

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