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The Higher Path

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Powered by Meadow's cannabis point of sale software since 2017, The Higher Path is a cornerstone of the Sherman Oaks community, now serving upwards of 500 a people a day. Under the helm of UCBA president Jerred Kiloh, The Higher Path has been voted best dispensary in LA by LA Weekly, one of the top dispensaries in Southern California by Leafly, and one of the top 10 dispensaries in the nation by High Times magazine. We sat down with Jerred, Adrienne and Sara from The Higher Path team to learn more about how Meadow has helped them thrive.
Jerred Kiloh, Owner, President of the UCBA
Jerred Kiloh
Owner, President of the UCBA
Adrienne Airhart, Marketing Director
Adrienne Airhart
Marketing Director
Sara Berthiaume, Distribution, Curation & Brand Partnerships
Sara Berthiaume
Distribution, Curation & Brand Partnerships
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The Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles

When The Higher Path first came to Meadow in 2017, they had a really big need. Their previous POS had just crashed, losing a lot of data from their first four years of business. They were in desperate need of a trusted cannabis point of sale software to secure their data and patient’s information.

“You start to look around and think ‘who is going to protect me, and my consumers?’ and Meadow always had that as the forefront of what they were working on: that protection,” says Owner Jerred Kiloh. “When we had other POS systems, we used to have paper receipt books at every register right next to it, just in case something broke down. Now all of those backup receipt books are unnecessary.”

Many customers with busy budtenders at The Higher Path

Trusted Performance

With real-time accuracy and pre-built dashboards, Meadow keeps detailed, exportable reports in compliance with state and local regulations, and efficiently generates the documentation you need if audited. Protecting sales and customer data, and the ability to efficiently pull reports that contain clean, accurate historical data is essential. As a legacy operator in Los Angeles, The Higher Path has been audited by both the BCC and the IRS. “When you start to become a business of this size, you need a repository of quantifiable and concrete data in one place,” says Kiloh. “Having Meadow as a business partner, they’re running our books. That trust has really been built through Meadow.”

Reporting as a Growth Tool

Trusted data is key for any dispensary to confidently make informed business decision and enhance business strategy. With more than 20 different customizable reports, Meadow makes it easy to find the exact data that dispensaries need for all of their day to day operations. “We use reporting to see in-house how our sales team is performing, as well as to watch our customer base, what's selling the most and what's resonating with them,” says Marketing Director Adrienne Airhart. “Reporting helps us see which of our budtenders has the highest sales, which is something to be rewarded. We work to try to raise those numbers and make sure that everybody has a broad product knowledge. We keep the products that are selling well; anything on our shelves has been vetted carefully through a very careful standard operating procedure, and if it's moving a lot, then we'll just start buying more and keep our customers happy.“

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A customer at The Higher Path receives cannabis, while handing over cash

Workflows Built Hand in Hand with Legacy Los Angeles Dispensary Owners

In addition to running his dispensary, Kiloh is also the president and founder of the United Cannabis Business Association. “It was important to us to establish legacy operators as the ability to operate in the new recreational marketplace. There were about 16-20 of us that started UCBA, we were all licensed retailers in LA, we got together to write an ordinance to tell the city LA what rules and regulations we wanted. We got 109,000 signatures, raised more than 1.5 million dollars, and qualified an ordinance which is not easy or cheap; it gave us an opportunity to tell them what we needed. That was our goal in the beginning: to make sure the city of LA understood what we needed. Ever since then, UCBA has been at the forefront of state and local government. We’ve co-authored a lot of amendments and bills, and we’ve really established what Southern California cultivation and retail really means to the whole state of California cannabis.”

Kiloh and this cohort of long time dispensary operators have worked hand-in-hand with Meadow over the years in a collaborative relationship to develop the exact tools these modern dispensaries need to operate and grow their new breed of highly regulated businesses—we've created the best dispensary POS by working closely with the best of California cannabis retail operators.

For a long time, this industry didn’t have any universal systems. Working closely with dispensary partners like us over the years, Meadow has created efficient tools and systems of organization, even without the outside world helping with those standardizations. It’s been nice to partner with Meadow because they could foresee quicker, faster, more efficient point of sale systems and ways to make it more streamlined for modern dispensaries to do business.
Jerred Kiloh
Jerred Kiloh
Owner of The Higher Path & President of the UCBA

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Navigating Compliance And Streamlining Inventory Management

Over the years, Meadow and The Higher Path have evolved together and adapted to the ever-changing landscape of cannabis. Meadow was built in lockstep with California regulations. “Meadow’s made a really concerted effort to teach their customers how best to utilize METRC and take some of the fear away and make it an easier process. Truly supporting our needs is what’s made them an exemplary product,” says Kiloh.

“Meadow is very user friendly for inventory and for Track and Trace,” says Airhart. “It's been easy to implement creating purchase orders, updating cycle counts, reconciling products. Meadow has just gotten faster and more efficient over time.”

“I check flower inventory probably five times a day if not more to see what we need as things are moving,” says Sara Berthiaume, who handles Distribution, Curation and Brand Partnerships. “Meadow’s low inventory feature helps us quickly notice when a product is low, high, or out. It’s straightforward and streamlines ordering a lot.”

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A smiling customer stands in front a budtender using Meadow's cannabis POS

Efficient Operations with Fast Workflows

Meadow is designed to help dispensaries like The Higher Path work smarter and move faster. “The user interface is so simple to operate. The online ordering process has just been so easy as a result of that, and that foundation just keeps it moving,” says Airhart.

“When I'm budtending I get to use the Meadow POS system on every single transaction which is great as it's an easy interface,” says Berthiaume. “I also use the Meadow backend because I do some of our intaking of product, creating purchase orders, pulling sales data, and looking at reports, which does influence our buying decision. The interface is nice; it makes all of our lives better.”

Meadow is the foundation on which our business runs. It's how we intake our products. It's how we deliver them to patients. It's how we deliver them to customers. It's how we figure out sales trends. What's moving. What's not. It's literally a lifeline for a lot of customers. We can look back and show them what they bought, what they've liked so we can guide them accordingly. The loyalty program really incentivizes customers to come back and to shop with us each time.
Adrienne Airhart
Adrienne Airhart
Marketing Director

Reduce Manual Labor and Sell More Cannabis

Meadow is now a complete omnichannel sales solution, integrated with third party commerce sites like Weedmaps, Leafly, Dutchie and I Heart Jane, making it easy to process sales compliantly. Dispensaries powered by Meadow's cannabis point of sale software save an estimated 20% a year in labor costs by simplifying workflows that used to require tedious data entry for both the front and back of the house.

“For many years, we've have had a person whose sole responsibility was to update third party menus because it is one of the most important aspects of the business, ” says Airhart. “Now that we have Meadow that pushes our live inventory to Weedmaps and to Leafly, I was able to completely refocus that job position and let them focus on much more creative and engaging work that really fulfills them rather than data entry to update inventory.”

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Building a Loyal Customer Base

The Higher Path has always been a safe space for the community to go to discover clean, safe, trusted products, an exemplary version of what a cannabis dispensary can be—where the budtenders know customers by name and understand their ailments and what sorts of products they like. Meadow’s loyalty and rewards program helps build an environment where customers and patients are happy to return to keep shopping with The Higher Path’s friendly budtenders because they are warmly welcomed and rewarded for shopping there. Before COVID hit, there were more than 500 a people a day coming through the doors of this award-winning Los Angeles dispensary, with 50-70 people a day who are passport holders exploring California cannabis culture. Now, they’ve turned on delivery functionality within Meadow to help serve customers throughout Sherman Oaks.

A smiling budtender holds a bag at The Higher Path's online pickup area
A building exterior with The Higher Path logo above large windows
I've always wanted to be part of this emerging industry that honestly helps people get all the benefits of cannabis. It’s great that there's a loyalty program in Meadow; when first-time customers come in, I always make it a point to let them know about it. It's a great way to bring them back.
Sara Berthiaume
Sara Berthiaume
Distribution, Curation and Brand Partnership

The Importance of Creating Communities for California Cannabis

Building a community in Sherman Oaks and wider Los Angeles has been a key part of the success of The Higher Path, and building a community of retailers who work together to advocate for the cannabis industry through UCBA has established Kiloh as a key leader of California cannabis retail. The shared value of community building and collaboration is part of the longstanding relationship between The Higher Path and Meadow.

“When you look at POS system, you should actually be looking for the people behind the software,” Kiloh says. “And what I saw at Meadow was that they were really creating a community for San Francisco that was integrated within the wider California cannabis community. It’s a business model of ‘I’d like to integrate myself within the community’ instead of ‘I’d like to just sit on top of the industry and profit from it. Meadow is an exemplary product because they understand the importance of real relationships with their partners. As a business owner, sometimes you do want to talk to the boss, and it really is nice to have that kind of access to communicate as our businesses grow together and we build a longstanding trusted relationship. I don’t have to feel stressed because I know I’m not in this by myself. This understanding that we all need each other as the market changes has truly really brought Meadow to the forefront of POS systems in this era, and they continue to lead.

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